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Zoctor – A Complete Healthcare APP

Medicinal emergencies are grievous events when they do happen. Medical Emergencies can strike anytime, that is the reason they are called emergencies in any case! It falls upon every individual to ensure that they set up a few intends to keep themselves canvassed in case of unexpected mischance.

What do you do when a companion or relative has an unexpected medical emergency?  

The situation can be any. You may be new in the city, you may be a mature individual who can’t generally venture out of his or her home without breaking a sweat and quickness, your kid is wiped out and there is nobody to take him to the healing facility. Every one of these situations sounds truly practical. The main inquiry I am asking here is that imagine a scenario where such a crisis occurs with you, What might you do?

  • You try to Google the nearest hospitals.
  • You try to book a cab to the nearest hospital
  • You try to walk down to the nearest hospital.

Some of the time the oldies remain alone or a person experiencing so much pain needs a specialist earnestly as they can’t step out of the house. In that crisis what might they do?

The best arrangement for this crisis would be a doorstep medical aid administration. The specialist will visit your place ASAP. There may be many organization coordinators. I have caught a propelled medicinal specialist through an Application. I became more acquainted with Zoctr.

This new application, in particular Zoctr, will deal with every one of these requirements of yours and your friends and family.

About Zoctr

India’s #1 Home Health App

Zoctr Health Network is a first-of-its-kind pan India Home and Telehealth Company that provides an extensive arrangement of locally situated medical administrations.

It Includes long-term Intensive Care, Chronic Care and Wellness, Corporate Wellness, and Health Check-up programs.

Home Laboratory Pick-ups, Home/Online Pharmacy, and Emergency Management Support to its clients.

Zoctr – Your Home Health Partner – provides you with just one touch to home health services at your doorstep with the Zoctr App.

  • Book qualified, skilled, and verified Home care Nurses, Attendants, Doctors,
  • Physiotherapists and Medical Equipment in a few simple steps
  • Find your location using in-built GPS and instantly match with hundreds of verified medical professionals meeting your requirements
  • Get real-time confirmations with detailed staff profiles
  • Schedule Patient Assessment and Screening Visits on the go
  • Manage your Bookings including Renew, Hold, and Stop bookings on the go
  • Save and manage multiple patient profiles for self and family members
  • Track staff in real-time on a daily basis using in-built GPS tracking
  • Provide daily staff attendance, and rating, escalate issues immediately using support
  • Make online payments using payment gateway and digital wallets

What’s New

  • Real-time location identification and staff tracking using in-built GPS

Intense circumstances show you a couple of things, however. It gave me a point of view on the challenges faced by patients’ relatives – the crisis which could be as perplexing as the crisis. If anybody experiences any medical circumstance at that point post that, care is similarly vital for a speedier recovery. Believe me, it is the best help you can give to anyone.

I trust and implore that every one of my followers dependably Stay Healthy and on the off chance that somebody is experiencing some intense circumstances my prayers are with you. We generally need the best for our family.

Zoctor gives assistance exactly when and where you require it!

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