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Love for PEESAFE – Review

When you are out of the house and you have to pee, Do you remember all those times when you entered a public washroom or loo, but came out with a scowling face & without using the washroom at all?  Well, I have got a product to our rescue! There is a piece of good news, now you can use any public Toilet without a thought of infections or severe health diseases with this product.


I even didn’t know that something like this product ever existed. So let’s all welcome #peesafe @peesafe

Yes, it is a Toilet seat sanitizer spray that kills 99.9 % of germs and eliminates odor and you can use the toilet seat without any hesitation.  It helps in cutting down the risk of contracting a Urinary Tract infection. It is a must-have product for everyone, especially pregnant women, new moms, and all the ladies.

What exactly is PEE SAFE?

  • It is an instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer spray.
  • It will give you a safe & germ-free toilet experience the next time you use any public washroom.
  • It gives 99.9℅ protection against germs.
  • Consists of IPA formulation which starts action within only 5 seconds of application.
  • Removes odor.
  • It is small & compact.
  • We can use it on Toilet seats, Toilet Tops, Flush, Door Knobs, and Faucets etc.

We all have always felt so hesitant and unsafe about using Public Toilets because of the most obvious reason – HYGIENE and fear of UTIs. Haven’t we?

Well most of us are not familiar about this term UTI, even I got to know it when I heard about #Peesafe. Now days this infection is found among one fourth of the woman population, and is mainly caused by using public or unhygienic toilets. UTI is an infection that affects part of the urinary tract. When it affects the lower urinary tract it is known as a bladder infection and when it affects the upper urinary tract it is known as kidney infection.

Spray the #peesafe on the toilet seat, toilet top, flush, door knobs, faucets, or wherever u feel it’s required and wait for 5 seconds to let it dry.  And your toilet seat is ready to use without any germs or odour.

It is so compact to use and its packaging is also so handy that it will easily fit in your clutch/handbag and so you can easily carry it with you

You don’t know either the clean looking toilet seats you are using of any place, is actually clean or not. I believe that these days precaution is better than cure. And for that PEESAFE is playing a major role in creating a safe toilet and UTI free society.

Just like these days I do not forget to keep my baby stuff in my bag, Now I don’t forget to Keep #peesafe in my bag too.

And this revolutionary product just cost you as similar as a kohl pencil. This retails at ₹140- so what are you waiting for? My little doll is using a shared bathroom at home and we would still use #peesafe. I hope this #peesafeproductreview has worked for you and made it clear that how much

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