• Dishes From Leftover Curd

    5 Healthy Dishes From Leftover Curd At Home

    Leftover curd can be transformed into delicious and nutritious dishes and these Dishes From Leftover Curd can change your tastebuds as well, reducing food waste and elevating your meals. Whip up a creamy raita by mixing curd with chopped vegetables and spices for a refreshing side dish. For a satisfying snack, make crispy pakoras by dipping vegetables in a curd-based batter and frying until golden brown. Indulge in a creamy lassi by blending curd with fruits and honey for a refreshing beverage. Use curd as a marinade for tenderizing meats before grilling or roasting, adding a tangy flavor to your favorite dishes. Absolutely! Here are five Healthy dishes from leftover…