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Top 10 Healthy Summer Foods

As the Mercury starts rising drinking gazillion liters of water will not going to make a difference until you have healthy summer foods. If you need a stylish way to keep your body cool this summer you need to make some changes to your diet right. Healthy summer foods and drinks will reduce internal heat and make you feel more comfortable with the soaring temperatures and scorching heat. If you count cold drinks and firm goodies, they might feel cool while drinking, but they’re not. Rather, they will affect you negatively. Check our cooling food list of eight different healthy summer foods and drinks that will cool you down and keep you healthy.

1. Cucumber

‘Cool as a cucumber’, right? Eating Cucumbers hydrates the body and it help in bringing down the body heat. You can take them as a salad or with your favorite dip or blitz them into a juice with gusto and some bomb.

2. Melons

Watermelons and musk melons vend like hot galettes in summer. They are full of Juice and full of nutrients that our body needs this summer, the melons make for great summer companions. Not only do they hydrate us but they also help in boosting the body with power-packed nutrients like Vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, and fiber.

3. Lush Flora

Green leafy vegetables are high in nutrient value, and calcium and give a good cooling effect on the body. Take as much Spinach, lettuce, Amaranth, Chinese cabbage, and kale, they are going to be your summer amulets. You can have them in smoothies, salads, or as a side dish in a mess.

4. Buttermilk

One of the summer food in India, drink of the summers is buttermilk and the wisdom of the periods shines through. Not only does it keep you doused but it also is salutary for digestion. Have it with roasted cumin seeds, fresh coriander, and some gusto to add zing to your day.

5. Mango

The king of fruits is your stylish volition to reduce body heat. There are so many ways of incorporating it into your diet. Have it raw, as Aam Panna- that definitive summer drink, as chutney or curry. Mango is the national fruit or the summer fruit name. It is one of the best foods for digestion, curing heat strokes, and boosting energy.

6. Lemon

One of the easiest ways to add flavor to your glass of water is to have it with lemon. I cannot think of anyone who doesn’t like it.  It boosts the vulnerable system, makes your skin gleam, and adds a healthy cure of Vitamin C to your diet. So drink up as lemonade made with plain water or add a gusto of bomb to your authorities and salads.

7. Curd And Yoghurt

Packed with calcium, curd should be your go-to option for a healthy summer volition to cold effervescent drinks. It is rich in Vitamin B and gut-friendly bacteria that soothe the body from the inside. If you like cure or you like fruits, you can add them both and make your favorite flavor to it by mixing them. It tastes amazing with mangoes, strawberries, and other fruits.

8. Fish

To boost the protein content in your diet without depending on flesh, turn to fish. Rich in good adipose acids, fish, makes for a delicious volition. Since it generates lower heat on consumption, you won’t feel sleepy and uncomfortably full, a feeling that we generally associate with after having funk and meat dishes.

9. Avocado

Avocado is a superfood in the true sense. The suit is laden with a high quantum of mono-impregnated adipose acids which help to remove heat and poisons from the blood. They’re also fluently digested, so your body won’t need to produce further heat to digest them.

10. Coconut

Everyone’s favorite is coconut water. It is filled with electrolytes which help to keep you doused and cool. Rich in essential electrolytes, the power drink helps in beating the heat during summer while keeping one doused and energetic throughout the day.

11. Mint

Mint is a cooling condiment while lime also has cooling parcels. The combination of the two can make a veritably stimulating drink for summer. One of the easiest sauces to find fresh in the request, both peppermint and spearmint are stylish for consumption during summer. Mint is one of the foods that help in digestion without raising body heat. Mint relieves nausea and headaches and also eases depression and fatigue. Make tea with mint leaves it will help induce sweating to reduce body temperature.

You can also make detox water, take a jar of water, and add crushed mint leaves to them to have throughout the day, you can add any fruit like lemon, strawberry, grapes, etc. Make sure you provide enough time for leaves to soak in the water at least for an hour before drinking it.

12. Chamomile

This condiment can cool the body, ease wakefulness, calm anxiety, and soothe the digestive system. Great for the skin and crown as well, it also soothes inflammation, rashes, nonentity mouthfuls, and indeed cuts and scrapes. The dangerous ultraviolet shafts of the sun can beget colorful problems for your skin. Chamomile tea is known for its antioxidant, soothing, and anti-inflammatory parcels and helps treat it.

There are foods that you can avoid in summer as they reduce heat in your body. Try to avoid eating very spicy food, oily, fried, or hot foods, and try to substitute them with cooler and lighter options. You can try having Broccoli, carrots, spinach, cucumber, melon, watermelon, lemon, sabja seeds, etc.

So, Do tell us which healthy summer food you eat.

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