Why You Should Regularly Check Your Internet Speeds

Once in a while using the Internet we face a situation where we get very low internet speed, there comes the idea of checking the Internet speed sometimes it is as per the plan you are subscribed to and sometimes it’s very less than that.

Checking the internet speed is very easy and hardly takes 30 seconds to do so. You could go to or the Netflix’s and it is suggested that a test should be carried out at least once a week but before testing the Internet speed you should know about some basic things and the very first is what the plan you are subscribed for?

Now let’s assume you are paying for the speed of 150Mbps then take your one of the fastest devices preferably a desktop or laptop that has a Lan port in it and then you could go to any of the speed testing websites and check what is the speed you are getting. If you are paying for 150 Mbps and using some of the old wireless devices or you are using an older router then there are the chances that you end up getting around 80 Mbps only even if you are in the same room. If you are connected to a wired connection and still getting such low speed then there could be several issues:

  • Maybe you’re actually connecting at 100 Mbps instead of 1000 Mbps rate after all.
  • Maybe your ISP is facing some Network congestion at that point in time.
  • Maybe someone is connected to your network and eating up all data.
  • Maybe the Website you are using to check is facing some internal error.

What to do with all you’re testing data?

By checking the Network speed regularly and getting the consistent speed you know and you are confident that you are connecting at your fastest speeds. Or you are also clear of the doubt that something is wrong with your system or the Internet.

If you Notice any sudden drop in your Internet speed while checking it regularly then you could follow these troubleshooting steps.

  • Check if the speed is same on different devices
  • The speed is same throughout the day or it lowers.
  • If you have a separate router and a separate modem then try resetting them one by one and then check.
  • Now call your ISP to check the speed that you are getting from their end at this point in time, so you actually know if the problem is at YOUR End or ISP’s End.

If your ISP comes out to be at fault then give them a call and ask the reason behind it and ask them to get it corrected as earliest possible or you could even ask them about the Compensation for the time of yours. If the ISP is not faulty and the problem is completely at your end then the last thing you could try doing is to replace the Router.

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