Why Oral Hygiene is Important?

How about we talk about oral cleanliness and how you can make brushing a fun and connecting with movement. Like every new mother, I was similarly concerned and did some exploration on my end. While I was on a post for brushes, toothpastes for my young lady’s first teeth.

My young lady has a few issues with her teeth and she was uniquely on breastfeed upto year and a half. Specialist let me know on account of overabundance of breastfeed with no other nourishment made her teeth like that. So I found the mildest toothbrush and toothpaste for her from the brand Piegon.

Why Oral Hygiene is Important?

It doesn’t make a difference how long or months old your infant is, the minute your child starts sustaining, the time has come to deal with their oral cleanliness. We remember to wipe or wash them day by day then why skirt oral cleaning! Keep in mind a child is more defenceless to contamination than an adult child (over 5 years old). I pursue what Dentists over the world have recommended and that is – clean your infant’s mouth even before they start getting teeth.

With babies, it’s more difficult than one might expect; sooner the daily practice, the better will be the training. You can make a routine steadily and make it fun by presenting a “Brush Song”.

Yet at the same time she isn’t an enthusiast of brushing and doesn’t care for doing it. Be that as it may, it is significant so we need to do it. I began

  • Utilize your youngster’s preferred shade of Brush
  • Go for age explicit toothpaste
  • Guarantee that the brush is alluring enough for the youngster to hold it all alone

At the point when my girl didn’t have any teeth, around then I used to reveal to her brushing and doing brushing before her with the goal that she can get the thought as you state “What monkey see, Monkey Do”

Rules and regulations of Brushing

Brushing the correct way is the way to oral cleanliness. Here are some significant hints to remember when brushing your little one’s teeth:

Brush two times per day: Brush toward the beginning of the day and just before sleep time. Utilize a child toothbrush with a little head and hold reasonable for your hand. On the off chance that your infant hasn’t yet begun getting teeth, you can utilize a sodden fabric (use drinking water) and clean your child’s tongue and tenderly wipe the gums.

Utilize a small measure of toothpaste (It is my own decision that I utilize a glue containing fluoride salts (FDA affirmed amount)): Squeeze a flimsy smear of any fluoridated toothpaste or a spot, the size of a grain of rice onto the brush (Not all toothpastes promoted for children contain fluoride). It is accepted that Fluoride containing tooth glue postpones tooth rot, anyway its thoroughly up to your “protective impulses” to whether pick a Fluoride containing toothpaste. It is constantly prescribed to go with your Pediatrician’s exhort in the event that you are confounded.

Brush delicately: Within and outside of every one of your infant’s teeth, just as tongue, to remove microscopic organisms that can cause terrible breath. Since you’re utilizing such a modest quantity of toothpaste, don’t stress if your child swallows in the little froth. Toothpastes for children under 3 years are made remembering that they will overwhelm it. Notwithstanding, attempt to make them routine of washing their mouth and letting out the froth. This will take some time for your child. In any case, remain quiet, they’ll learn it as well.

  • Utilize delicate fiber brush and if conceivable attempt to discover a brush that has 3 route game plans of fibers. I purchased this tooth brush for my child.
  • Supplant the toothbrush when the fibers begin to look worn or spread.
  • Floss should possibly be done if your kid has less between tooth hole and there is a noticeable plaque statement which isn’t getting cleaned by brush. Utilize extraordinarily structured floss for little children and youngsters as recommended by Pediatric Dentists
  • Try not to put an excessive amount of weight while brushing, it may hurt the gums and in the wake of brushing, once in 2 to 3 days, rub your kid’s gums.

Here are my Favorite Tothbrush and Toothpaste I am Still Using:

Chicoo:  This is her first Tothpaste and Toothbrush she had. She liked the flavours and liked the design of the Tooth Brush. She used to play with toothbrush and it did not last long and we had to change it to second one.



Peigon: This is her second Toothpaste and she used to like this a lot. She picked it up by herself and i allowed it so that she will more comfortable with it.








Mamaearth: We had collaborated with this brand and to be honest it is my favourite brand till now. We loved the texture and taste and we used two bottles of this. If you wish to read the reviews click HERE


I have collaborated with this brand and they sent us this packet of toothpaste and my girl just loved the Motu Patlu cartoon in it. The sent some stickers also and she was thrilled, we are still using the same brand and our second tube is about to end. I hope i continue with it.  For my Review of this you can check it HERE







Keep in mind, it is difficult to get your kido to open his/her mouth enthusiastically from the outset, yet as a parent it is up to us how effectively and rapidly we can make it a propensity for them. Kids under 6 years old, will at present need assistance brushing. So to make it fun, attempt to sing a melody each time you take your child for a brushing session. Brushing your teeth while they brush theirs is a fantastic method for showing them the specialty of brushing. Youngsters are superb spectators and they catch on quickly when they reflect you. So time to sparkle those silvery teeth.

Happy Brushing !!


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