Which woman is Which Goddess?

It gives me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Surbhi Mahobia for introducing me. The promt for today is “First Year of your baby”. Hop on to her blog to read her take on the Indian Woman.

Its been 3 am and I am on something. An open laptop, A cup of hot coffee which is no more hot now, Scrolling phone with pictures, A sleeping baby girl by my side a blank mind, thinking of What to write. This prompt has taken me down to search a lot on Google about the Goddesses. I got super confused with which goddess to talk about and to relate to whom?

And lately what stuck in my mind is that yes Goddess had supernatural powers to them which make them Goddess (very obvious). But did you realize that Every Goddess has only a single power to her.

IF we talk about Goddess Laxmi- She is only known or worshiped for Money and wealth.

If we talk about Goddess Durga – She is well known or worshiped for her power.

If we talk about Goddess Parvati – She is well known or worshiped for her love and Devotion.

If we talk about any other Goddess they have a specific supernatural power but well known or worshiped for single thing.  The Hindu Goddesses refer to numerous female deities that are indigenous to Indian Subcontinent. In general the Hindu traditions split the primordial divine energies into a male and female, Shiva and Shakti. Nothing can exist without the existence of these two opposing but complementary forces.

(Note: This content is my personal view or feeling. This is not to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. )

But what we talk about today’s world or if we compare a Woman to a Goddess. Whom to compare with her?  Does a woman have single power as Goddesses?

Woman can earn money and wealth. So does it make her only Laxmi?

She has immense power to fight with any situations or even has power to match up with a man (mentally or physically) so is she Durga?

Woman is the ocean of love, devotion and patience to her family, her kids and to herself too. So now will it makes her only Parvati?

Woman!! What interesting creature we are! We come in all shapes, all sizes, all hues, and all religions and from all foundations and conviction systems. However something in all of us is the same. We as whole need similar things, to be adored, acknowledged and regarded for our identity. One is to claim reality of our identity – that we, as ladies, are lovely, intense, supporting, mindful, instinctive human beings.

Now I had to relate a woman whom I feel is a Goddess. But I had a lot of names in my mind though, whose name to Write?

My Mother – Who gave me birth, who is working and earning wealth, who raise a family, who managed her household alone. Is she Durga, LAxmi or Parvati?

My Mother-In-Law – Who gave birth to my husband (very obvious), who worked in farms with her husband, works in kitchen, Let her children goes away from her so that they can have good studies.  Or is she one of the Goddess?

My Self- Gave birth to a girl, Earned wealth, Worked in same office with my husband, managed households. M I too only a Durga, LAxmi or Parvati?

My Host and Fellow moms – All working, Raising kids, Managing households, fighting with every difficulties they get. Does that count them too with any one of the Goddess?

I saw some beautiful and powerful words recently in a video on ladies by ladies. They were: “Each lady has control. Each lady has shrewdness. When we connect with it, everything blooms and the world will change.

We Woman today is not a single Goddess or has any super power we are a little above. We are Supper Goddesses. And yes, we are Laxmi, Durga or Parvati all together.

The time has sought us to respect the Goddess in all ladies, to recognize the manly and the female inside ourselves and our men. To perceive our qualities, to figure out how to walk together toward a world where every person is recognized for the endowments and abilities they convey to this world.

It will take valor and assurance yet that is the thing that we have for we are Goddesses! We are ladies. This is our world!

Being a Woman in Today World

I Totally thanks my Hosts

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