10 Best Ways To Stay Safe This Winter


Monsoon has gone so here is the time to welcome our new season. We have this feeling that this year winter has strike our doors a little early. We were not prepared for this sudden chilly attack, but we are here to welcome our winters.

And this time we need to be a little cautious because kids are easily getting ill because of this sudden change in the weather. So here are few steps you can take care of your kids as well as yours.

Every third person is having this common flu or cold or cough these days. Even me and my daughter also get caught up.

1).  Keep things clean all around. A clean house and surrounding can make a big change in your health.

2).  Open your closed bags and start using some warmer clothes. Try to keep them warm and safe from this chilly breeze.

3).  While going out for park or to school make sure they wash hands. Always teach them to wash their hands before eating, playing, sleeping etc.

4).  Keep away from the mosquitoes. Try to use the mosquitoes​ repellent. Specially when kids are in their outdoor activities, keep them away where you did the mosquitoes are more.

5).  Give your kids a nice warm oil massage. Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil. Give the. A nice massage of oil and they will feel fresh.

6).  Best season for green vegetable. Spinach, methi, carrots, oranges. Try to consume as much as you can. This season will give you a lot to increase your kid’s immunity.

7).  Give your kids food which help in their growth and Increase their immunity. This season is full of nutrition food.

8).  Make new cousene every time which they will like and enjoy while eating. Try soups and salads too.

9).  Don’t​ forget to stay hydrated. Winters is the season where we forget to drink water because we don’t feel thirsty. So try to keep hydrated.

10).  People tend to put on weight in winters. This is because those warm and cozy blankets will not let us get out of our bed. But we should do what we need to.

We can make different dishes and help them having soups and salads. They will have their meal and your part of adding nutrition to increase immunity it in this season is done.

We can not make this harsh winter hurt our kids. So as I always say prevention is better then cure. We have to be always ready for what comes next in our way.

It can be a little difficult with these kids who are very much into running and playing. So try to take precaution, as I always say prevention is better the cure. We are mothers and we will take care of this accordingly​ (aakhir hum bhi unki ma Hai)

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