Tips To Engage Kids While Work


Is this the thing that we have life of a working/juggling/performing various mom tasks. For me it’s not a thing it’s a responsibility which I choose by myself.

I always had to take Maithili to my work place. While working there I had to manage this little bomb too what is the simplest solution to this problem. Screen time !!! Yes it sounds easy, but ask your inner parent “is it really?”

Because giving kids screen time is easy but asking them to stop watching is not easy.

Obviously, it’s not as viable as working without children around, but rather now and again you have to wear various caps and let your work be unaffected with the franticness around.

This is what i do when Buddy bounced on to my lap for some solace while I was working

Mostly we make funny videos and filters from Instagram or snapchat.

What’s more, how would I endure circumstances like these ones rationally???

1) Food
I always carry her favorite food, which she enjoys a lot. Some drinks and snacks are always there in my bag.

2) Worksheets
I always carry worksheets. Arranging pictures, matching pictures. She loves them all.

3) Crayons and Coloring sheets 
Always a hit. Coloring any pictures are the best time pass any kid can enjoy.

4) Puzzle:
We always have puzzle with us. Maithili enjoys her puzzles. We have two piece, three peice puzzles and it is a good time pass.

5) Toys:
We keep her favorite toys always with us. We take their help in pretend plays.

We are mom and we always have time for our work and our little Einsteins. We just need to manage and we are super mom in that.

Let us see how other super mom share their time management stories with us.

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