The Most Waited Year Of Life

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It was the most awaited year of my life. It was the second year of my marriage as first went in travel, fun, romance. According to me the real marriage starts after second year of your marriage. And then you got to know the real companionship, understanding with your spouse and in this year, here comes the new member to the family too.

I was waiting little baby to come and the whole month went; it was the last week of the month When my due date passed. My little princess came on this world on 26 January 2016 (She got the salami as well) on 6:45 am in the morning (Birth date automatically become memorable or special). And finally the most adventurous year begun.

My grandmother used to say, “Ager baby ki pehli winter or Pehli Summer nikal jae, Samjho baby pal gya” Means if baby get comfortable with his first winter and summer, It means he has grown up.

The first 15-18 days were very hard as I was on bed rest and because of pain, didn’t move an inch. Only the way to washroom was my path area.  First few days I was not allowed to come out of my room. I was not allowed to eat just like anything. Specific dishes were there for me and if I count my menu it starts and ends up with 5 main courses only. After 21 days there was a “pooja” at home and “namkaran” as we call. And we got a word “M” for her. And then Search for the name started.  So it was her massi and Dad who finalize her name “Maithili

First two Months passed (January to March) by sleeps, giggles, BF, and my favourite time of the day was her bath time. She had her bath twice a day. A Whole month of relatives came to see baby. Shower of gifts, clothes, toys etc. A full month if cozy quilts, sun bath, heated rooms, beautiful knitted sweaters.


  • She used to see people and smile to them
  • She used to play with balloons (I hanged a balloon and she used to see it and smile)
  • She used to move her hands and feet a lot
  • She always used to poop a bit whenever she pees (I thinks that’s normal, some baby do that)
  • I made her sit a little higher on my arms

Third month (March to april) I was at my in laws place and we got a lot of love and care there as well. Mumma and baby got a lot of alone time. Mumma and baby played a lot, and now she understands that who her mother is (that’s and extraordinary feeling, when you baby knows that’s my mother and hold your fingers).



  • Had her first car ride (almost 6 hours of journey became 9 hours)
  • She used to play a lot with her feet and hand
  • Moved her feet and hand a bit faster
  • make sounds
  • Happy to see anybody who plays with her
  • Poop continued the whole month

Around mid of April I came back to Chandigarh. A welcoming party was waiting for us. From April to July, That was the full month of shopping, meeting new people, Gifts again


  • Tasted cake for the first time
  • Went to burger king (mumma was craving for that like hell. even though she didn’t taste anything but enjoyed a lot)
  • Was about to sit up on laps.
  • Adjusted quite well with temperature change
  • Used to play with mumma, massi and papa
  • Had few more car rides to grocery store, banks etc.
  • Nani’s visit

It was summer officially here, month of May, June.  A lot of travelling happened to dadi house, food tasting, sleepless nights (sometime because of electricity issues). More often nani came to visit baby.


  • Started sitting with help
  • Started standing up for few seconds.
  • Happy to watch cartoons on tv.
  • Moves her head to see if someone is moving from one cornet to another
  • Make sounds to ask someone to come to her
  • Happy to play with soft toys
  • Peacefully playing with baby gym.
  • Moved round round on bed
  • Travel to dadi house (car ride for around for 4 hours )
  • Market visit with nani


Monsoon came in and we too changed our city. I came back to my mom’s place. Baby was comfortable with travelling so we did that.  It was from August to October we stayed there. More often papa and massi came to visit their princess almost every second weekend.


  • Sits properly with no help
  • Loved the toys which make sound
  • Moved herself from sleeping position to sitting position
  • Had her first little piggy tail
  • Had a lot of car rides
  • Had her first fever (took med for first time)
  • Went to a local fair
  • Had coffee with mumma, massi and nani
  • Started jumping while holding her hands
  • Had her first “Raksha bandhan” (loved her first Pokémon rakhi)
  • Loved playing with baby gym.
  • Had her first tooth
  • Started crawling and moved herself to sit from lying position
  • Tried her hands on baby walker and enjoyed it a lot

Then came months full of masti and adventour.  This was a complete time of running, dancing, and travel. Birthday month was also coming.


  • Started walking completely with out any help
  • Went to a wedding (only mumma and baby)
  • Had a lot of travelling
  • Enjoyed her first Diwali, Dushehra
  • Watched movies first time in Theater
  • Had so many lunch and dinner dates with relatives coming in
  • Loves to ride car(always sits on driver seat and hold staring
  • Had her first haircut

Here comes the birthday month again. It was not a much good year for her. She was sick the whole month. Tasting medicines were not a good choice of her. Became very cranky, the whole month. Mumma prepared a lot for her first b-day, but everything went wrong.

  • Completely out of control. Feeling very sick. (whole birthday week)
  • Puked almost 3-4 times in the morning on her birthday
  • Doctors visit ( whole week)
  • It rained for almost 2 days (birthday)
  • Didn’t cut her cake (was very cranky)
  • Didn’t enjoy her party
  • No Birthday Photograh (we were so busy with her doctor’s visit or med that forget to hire a photographer, Even arranged a last minute party hall)

This was my journey with my baby. Some ups and down every month. But I really enjoyed this long journey of whole year where we were family all around with us. A lot of travelling, in the whole year.

Let me also take the opportunity to introduce Uttara Singh from I love how she writes about Indian Woman. Do check her blog post on the promt.



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