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The Moms Co. – Review

So many products in the market.. Which one to buy? Which one to use?

Finally, a company that understands that being a mother makes you more aware of what you intake and what goes outside your body. Check into @TheMomsCo with their all-natural range of products which promises #NatureIn #ToxinsOut . For me it’s a win-win option. I am completely mesmerized with this product.
I was sent their Natural #BodyWash and #BodyButter for review. I am a fan of you and your products @Malika. Generally, I don’t use any regular soap, prefer to have a body lotion or natural soap like dove pears etc. But this is just awesome. I use the body wash twice only and I have ordered a new packing for myself.

The MomsCo. Body Wash contains coconut based mild cleansers and natural moisturizers. Together they help your skin restore its natural balance. The USP of this product is that it contains essential oils of ginger & orange. Ginger helps combat morning sickness – that much-hated monster that rears its ugly head during pregnancy. I have also used ginger whenever I had nausea during my monthly migraine episodes. Orange essential oils give us a pleasant & refreshing aroma to this body wash. This Body Wash also has naturally occurring pro-vitamin B5 which provides the moisturizing affect.

I love the Body Wash. I actually look forward to bath times now that I have the MomsCo body wash. It is truly refreshing and energizing. And I love that the smell lingers on for some time after the bath too.

The Natural Body Wash is priced at Rs. 348 for a 200 ml bottle. Value for money.

The next what I order is a FOOT CREAM. It is so so well for moving swollen feet. I have been using it for last few days and it is really effective. This is the only thing I was looking for. I have used many creams and lotions, or sometime olis also but my feets were very much in pain. I was not able to even stand for many hours. But now I am drinking a lot of water and using this FOOT cream from The MomsCo. And its really worth buying.

The Natural Body Wash is priced at Rs. 249 for a 50g bottle. Value for money.

Also you can get some discounts for sure. Which will help you buying all these products with in your budget?

My rating for The MomsCo’s Natural products – 5/5 I highly do recommend this one.

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