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They Eat, They Crap, They Sleep, and if they are crying they need one of them.

Here sleeps a girl with a head full of magical dreams, a heart full of wonder and hands that will shape the world. And I am so so mesmerized with these wonderful products which stole my heart the minute I logged onto their instagram account. They are @Connectzoey

I was very worried as my 18 months old daughter did not take any of the blankets, while she sleeps. Sometimes she got her nose blocked, sometime fever or sometime the crankiness is so levels up. I was looking for a blanket/swaddle which can help me out over this problem and also fits in my budget. So I decided to find them on Instagram. And I really got this amazing brand which helps me out.

What I like about the products, apart from the quality and price is the customer service. They are patient to answer all questions, respond to messaged immediately (which for me is a major plus point while making a purchase) and in general, the owner is a very pleasant person to interact with. Products are shipped right away so the wait is not too long and they arrive well packed and just like the pictures posted on their page. No disappointment, so a big yay!

I would highly recommend these products to all of you, irrespective of having kids or not. If like me, you love toys too, this place is just for you!

Let your little munchkin snuggle in there muslin cotton swaddle. The beautiful designs will give you a lot of options to choose. You can team it with any assortment of toys and get those bedtime stories going.  There are a lot more options of blankets, swaddles, customized pillows and other customized stuff.

For me it is a big hit with comfort, quality and of course budget. If you want to have a look over them, go ahead to their account and I assure you will not resist buying them.

A big hug to the team!

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