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Cloth diapers had made a big comeback. And just with in no time, they have evolved from langot to a more dapper and stylish approved one.

Cloth Diaper – Cloth diapers are so gentle on environment, these are the fabrics and can be washed and reused. The most important thing is that they are eco-friendly and safe and Comfortable for the baby which we moms always look for.

Do you know most disposable diapers contain SAP/Hydrogel, dyes, scents & phthalates? These chemical are not only carcinogenic but also have potentially toxic effects to the developing endocrine & reproductive system of babies.  What came as the MOST SHOCKING FACT is that – the manufacturers are not required to disclose the chemicals as the FDA allows them to consider this a “trade secret”.

So considering all these points, I have used regular cloth nappies for the first month with Maithili & it was exhausting. With every use you need to wash it. And if it’s a rainy day, you need a full bag of those tiny langots.
I am not a CD MOM till now but FIG-O-HONEY is one such brand which is run by Sneha – who have worked as a data scientist for 12+years and is also a mother of two, has changed my mind. After experiencing the comfort & convenience of modern cloth diapers with her second baby, she decided to make high-quality modern cloth diapers for parents in India.

I recently got a chance to use #clothdiaperby @myfigohoney and to my surprise my daughter accepted it without any hassle. Diaper does its job perfectly. And mine little miss will pick it up and take to me asking me to wear it on her. She is so much in love with that yellow color.

I already used a CD from different brand but it leaked (may be because of the size issue). But this Diaper does its job perfectly. I always thought that cloth diapers leak but #figohoney proved me wrong. They do not leak at all if fitted well.

The best part about fig-o-honey is the adjustable snap buttons which allow the diaper to be adjusted to a growing baby, from an infant to toddler. It is a one size pocket diapers that can be reused, and include one cloth diaper and an absorbent insert which are waterproof.

Wash & Care :

  • Prewash diapers before washing in the regular laundry cycle. Recommended washing new cloth diapers and inserts 2-3 times before using them, so that they reach their full absorbency.
  • It is hand & machine washable (Use the shortest cycle on the washing machine).
  • Recommended washing every other day, otherwise the urine naturally turns into ammonia, making it more difficult to clean the diapers.
  • Rinse the diaper under warm-hot water
  • Dry in sunlight.
  • Use good quality detergent without any additives or whitening agents.

Fig-O-Honey is an Indian brand of Reusable Cloth diapers which are also so reasonably priced.


One diaper with 1 microfibre insert costs – ₹ 446.

Single microfibre costs: – ₹ 88


The Fig-O-Honey products are available on –

Website –

Facebook –!/myfigohoney/?ref=content_filter

Amazon –

Instagram –

MY RATING – 4.7/ 5.

Hope this review will turn out to be helpful & makes it easier for new mums to understand and move from harmful synthetic disposable diapers to modern cloth diapers.

Happily Cloth Diapering

P.S – I would personally suggest buying from the website for some really awesome combo deals. 

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