Remarkable Homes That Sets An Example For Eco-Friendly Living

We can say that Reuse is part of “Reducing, recycling and reusing”. It’s not just about saving the planet; some of it’s about saving money.
I have been living in Himalayas all my life. When I came to this city Chandigarh (still it is the cleanest one in India) but what I have been concerned about is Environment and Pollution. One day I was surfing internet and I came across these beautiful environmental friendly houses and the best part is that is in India.

Genuine support ability is comprised of numerous features, from building materials to the utilization of sustainable power sources to outline that takes a stab at productivity and amicability with the encompassing condition. As of late, an expanding quantities of Indians have begun endeavoring endeavors to limit both natural effect and money related expense by equipping their homes with reasonable innovation. The subsequent blast in maintainable building is driving new levels of composition advancement.

Check these beautiful yet Eco friendly houses made through the three RE’s “Reducing, recycling and reusing”

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From handcrafted mud squares to rain water reaping units to a natural vegetable garden to ethnic Warli workmanship and bay windows that let in a surge of daylight, The Homebelaku in HSR Layout is one of Bengaluru’s greenest homes.

Owner :Mr. Karunaprasad Kanavi

Economical Features:

•       Clay and mud squares have been utilized for development rather than blocks

•       The dividers have not been put or painted to keep away from use of lead.

•       Simple Kota tiles and earth tiles have been utilized for deck rather than mosaic tiles.

•       Solar water warmers and sunlight based lamps (for control deficiencies) to diminish utilization of power.

•       The house has huge sky facing windows that fill in as a noteworthy wellspring of lighting amid the day time.

•       Waste isolation is honed and compost is made for the vegetable garden.

•       Efficient rain water gathering framework that provisions all the water required by the family.

•       Grey water reusing framework that utilization squander water from clothes washer and kitchen to clean autos and so on.

•       Built at a 15% diminished in cost when contrasted with an ordinary house (no mortar, paint or bond was utilized).

2. Kachra Mane


This is called Kachra Mane, which actually makes an interpretation of from Kannada into Trash Home. A man who unequivocally puts stock in “Diminish, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink” guideline, he has made his home actually from waste that he gathered from destroyed houses and second-hand advertises.

Owner: Mr: G V Dasarathi

Economical Features:

•       80% of the fittings are from annihilated houses, wood is from scrap merchants and most family unit apparatuses purchased second hand.

•       Parts of the house, for example, the windows, staircase, kitchen cabinets, book racks are produced using disposed of pinewood pressing cases that were finished utilizing linseed oil.

•       Solar control frameworks, water gathering units and dark water reusing units have been introduced.

•       The house is developed on a current building and makes utilization of the structure as it seems to be, with no progressions.

•       It took only seven months to work, with the cost being not as much as half of what an “ordinary” house would cost.

3: Laughing Waters


At the point when the owners of the house comes back to india, they needed to guarantee that they carried on with an existence as near nature as could be allowed. The outcome is a home in which   they retrofitted for manageability, one that today is strongly keen about water utilize and reusing, gets 90% of its vegetables from its own particular lawn, utilizes the intensity of the sun and has stretched out the theory to a flourishing network cultivate venture appropriate inside their format.

Owner: Mr. Rajesh Shah

Maintainable Features:

• The family unit gets 90% of their kitchen require from their own particular patio cultivate.

• Harvested water is separated through a sand bed before being put away in underground stockpiling tanks.

• Except for a couple of, every single electronic gadget keep running on sun based power.

• An compelling dark water-reusing framework waters the sprawling greenery enclosures.

4: Chockalingam Muthiah’s House


A house that is totally off the framework for vitality, a family that utilizations rain water for its ordinary needs, and a way of life that introduces an ideal mix of maintainability and conventional astuteness is the thing that this home invites you with.

Owner: Chockalingam Muthiah

Economical Features:

• Mud squares have been utilized while utilization of concrete has been limited.

• The house is planned in a way that takes into account great ventilation and section of copious regular light.

• All electronic gadgets keep running on sun oriented power.

• All squander is isolated; the get squander is arranged dry to BBMP while the wet waste is utilized to get ready biogas (in the biogas plant) and fertilizer for the garden.

• Rainwater reaping energizes an open well that meets the family’s water requirements for up to 10 months in multi year.

• Grey water from clothes washer and kitchen is separated through a sand bed before being utilized as a part of the garden.

How cool will t be if everyone could build such Eco friendly houses and help our mother nature to recover from what she is been through our faults.

I always wanted to write a blog post about such an environment friendly idea and what would be the best time to share this nice concept while on this Reuseblog train. Where few other bloggers are sharing some useful thoughts about recycle, reuse and reduce. Which Can be used in our daily life and make it much better to live on.

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