Relation is generally known as the bond between people, it is a strong feeling of friendship, love, or shared beliefs.And a Relationship can be explained as to love, care, to those with whom you live or those whom you like.. there will be so many relationships in your life, the most importantly is with your parents who gave birth to you, love you, care for you, provide you all the things you required throughout your life. They can be compared to god. This is up to you, that how will you take this relationship.

There are many relationships in your life such as friends, relatives, colleagues which will have there own different importance. Life always shows us, is that we never know how long a relationship will last. Commitment in a relationship is giving yourself completely, to the other person and to the relation. The best commitment is given to the relation in which there is a lot of hope, trust, faith, love. A person should have factors like enthusiasm, curiosity and caring nature in every interaction. Staying faithful and being there always for the person is the best part of a relation.

Relations are of two types- personnel and professional. Both of them have different importance in the life. Mostly our Authority plans are based on our relationships, specially with our parents. When we are in a position of control, we mostly get influenced by the blueprint of our same-gender parent. And when we get into a position of command, we unconsciously become our parents.

Building up a healthy relation ( formal and informal ) with others will help in increase the chances of achieving happiness and success in your life.

Taking things for granted is something we all do from time to time and our personal relationships are perhaps the greatest sufferers. It is a rare occasion when we take time to consider the way in which those personal relationships are formed. The reason why we should is because personal relationships are central to our contentment and prospective success.

You may be comfortable networking, you may not, but it is an unarguable truth that making the right connections will give your business or career the edge.

Even when you’re following up with someone who has purchased your goods or services, don’t just pitch the next item. Make the connection to the human who just bought from you.

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