Perfect Day.. :)

Today is a very special day of my life. Two of my sweethearts are connected to this same day. First my Best-est Friend who has her B’day today and second is my fiance. Special for him because its our anniversary today. Its been a year knowing each other and I would probably say that the most beautiful thing that had happened in my life and from that day i have started believing in Destiny. I have posted a status on his FB wall. I am telling you but don’t tell anyone else OK. ?

We have changed over a year, One Day a year to recognize 364 other days of putting up with me. It’s so great to find one special person You want to annoy for the rest of your life. Thank you for working so hard and putting up with me.


He is very practical about life. This much that he doesn’t even formally wish me. ?Just replied with “same to u” as i wished him. I know i won’t get any of response on this status as well. But its fine and i love the way he is. ? Because i believe No one else would understand our relationship,and no one else in this world would understand me the way he do. You are truly a blessing from God dear. Thank you for being my partner, lover, and friend.

I would like to add some words for him, if you guys allow me. ?

There are times that we fight, we cry, we argue
Those are erased by moments we make up, we hug and we kiss
There are ups and downs, sadness and happiness
Those complete the ingredients of our relationship
And made us stronger!

Today is the day we have to look back, For all the happy days we spend together

Today is the day we have to look forward, For all the happy days ahead for us

Today is the day we have to Celebrate, For all the blessings God has showered on us

Happy Anniversary My dear Love ?


Happy Birthday My dear Friend. ?

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