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When you get pregnant you might have some serious questions in your mind (I surely had). And then now from where do you get those answers? Maybe, from Books, Journals, Internet, Doctors or an elder woman? There might be many questions jumbling in a pregnant woman head some answer she might get from the other sources, but some answers will be which she gets through her personal experience only.
I had already shared some of my experiences on my pregnancy. So I thought why not to share some more. This is not an informational article; This is my personal experience, my own story. Maybe it can help any new mommy to find that this can happen or some already mommies can relate to my experience.
I was not planning to get pregnant at the time I Got, Anyhow I Was, so I tested it 3-4 times just to confirm it (Now this sentence of mine takes someone’s ears open, But who cares :-P) It was not that I do not want to have a baby, it’s just was not the right time.
But you know “Whatever happens, Happens for good” 

So the first trimester was a disaster for me, complete nausea, morning sickness, Toothbrush Sickness, Breakfast Sickness, Cooking Sickness, Lunch Sickness, Evening snack Sickness, Dinner sickness, Midnight sickness, Early morning Sickness A whole day and night of Sickness. I myself become Sick of this Sickness. You might be checking that Schedule for the Day is a bit awkward. Yes it is, because I was on night sifts 
In my second trimester the first two months (up to 5th month) I had same Sickness. Aaahhhh!!!  God Help me. I knew woman Enjoy their Pregnancy, Feel Blessed , Got a new feeling, and foe all of this was just “Blah Blah Blah” I never read any article, Any journal, Any post on Social media. Because in those 5 months, I didn’t had time for all this, the time I had was busy doing vomits, getting headaches, Feeling Sleepy.. OMG what days were they.

But when I move to my 6th month, it completely transformed, I had a great time. I was actually enjoying my pregnancy now, that belly bump, those baby kicks, that craving for food, that pampering you got. ❤ I was very happy and excited too. A complete normal pregnancy with no nausea any more, good baby health, good mommy health, and everything on place.

The 8th month I decided to take maternity leaves as I had gained a lot of weight and was not able to sit on chair for much time and those night shifts were not happening anymore. So I left for my native place to my mother, and from eight and half months I was waiting to get this pregnancy ended. I had gained so much weight and my tummy was so big that I can’t even see my feet. I used to walk more and more. Always try to do works which allow me to sit and stand then. Did exercise, walked in speed.
Regular checkups and Good Diet, no scope of c-section and confirmed vaginal delivery till the time. Due date was over we went to hospital as doctor had told us to come. But then he checked and asks again to wait for another week. Even my family and doctor we all were waiting for natural pain. But it didn’t work as well. So the next week we again went for the doctor and then at evening around 8pm it all started ? I was given Injection and what we call “ Artificial Pain”. My water bag was already busted before someday, and I didn’t get that (I hope it is usual, it was my first pregnancy) I wasn’t aware of what will be happening to me. This was the moment when I realize whatever knowledge I had gained is not worth, what experience I am getting is the one which every woman had their own. I was normal but after every 5-7 minute I was getting this severe pain that I couldn’t resist. I felt sleepy for 5 minutes and then next 2 minutes well hell to me. (Does this happen to every one?) Pain was so severe that I asked the nurse to shift to OT. But it was my mother and massi who stop them and help me in that.
It took me whole night in pain and around five in the morning I was taken to the Room (Labor room) and there I was till 7 am. At 6:45 the baby came out. For me what I must say, those hours in the labor room was not that horrible for me what I had whole night outside the labor room.
Being a mother we can understand what labor pains are, but we can’t feel it what other woman is feeling. It’s the most similar but complete different experience.

Let me also take the opportunity to introduce Uttara Singh from I love how she writes about Indian Woman. Do check her blog post on the promt for today.

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