There was a beautiful time when I used to have a fit body and after pregnancy and overloaded love and calories had made me a little out of shape. Giving two years to family and daughter and of course food and calories, now I have started thinking about myself. I have been working out and having a good amount of meals and food.

But what covers the best?

What we had more in the whole day is water and only water can help us to achieve our fitness goals. And an immediate idea of #Instacuppa is given by “Uttapal”, “Amrita, “ DR. Bushra” our hosts. It’s a beautiful  invention which helps you in getting brilliant flavors of vegetables and fruits as you cant make it personally before.

There are a lot of products which has been shared by #Instacuppa.
You will get them from their website

I am looking over the Infuser bottle. I would love to use it and will do it soon. Instead of drinking plain water, I am trying infused water which is not just tasty but healthy too. It is made up of fruits, herbs, vegetables which are easily available.

Commonly used ingredients can be lemons, mint, cilantro, berries, mango, cucumber, apple, coconut, basil and many more.

You can use any ingredient of your choice and go creative with it as much as you want. You need just need to soak up the fruits and herbs of your choice in filtered water in an infuser for few hours and your drink is ready.

I had my first infuser drink made of mint, coriander and orange. And all thanks to “Uttapal
Yes Definitely Water is an essential part of your body. But not only water.

The other product which I liked the most is the Green Tea Infuser. I am not an addict of green tea but I like it. Green tea is a magical infuser and it helps you to detox your body. Also It helps you in reducing weight.

And Instacuppa helps you in getting that. This bottle doesn’t help you in for only green tea. You can make coffee too.

Instacuppa is the one brand who is manufacturing healthy products, also they helps in less use of plastic and encouraging using bamboo or glass.
• The product range includes
• InstaCUppa Cold Brew Coffe Maker
• Fruit Infuser Pitcher
• Iced Tea Pot
• InstaCuppa Double Walled GlassGreen Tea
• Detox Infuser Bottle
• InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker and many more.

Do you get any of them I am sure you are going to love them.

If you have made your mind to buy it or you want to know more about it.
Click here.

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