My Love For New Pampers

After becoming a mother the world was different for me. Few things I already know about a baby but few were totally new. I must say every mother has their own experience of their mother journey, but this is what they can share to other to reach what they are looking forward.

I must say Diapers are the blessing for every mother who is raising her child alone. I must say I have been seen people using cloth nappies and I also did use her. I used cloth nappies till 3 months and used the diaper only when we were travelling.

But if I think that I live in a nuclear family I would have been washing the nappies till now. So diapers are
what I always adore. There are so many brands in the market which can give the best diapers but what are differences you should look onto. How will you be able to differentiate? How difficult is to buy a good diaper range.
So found myself lucky enough to attend the launch event of new range of pampers premium care diaper range.

Though pampers are always at the top list of every mother. But the new range is what you can’t say no. my journeys have been as same as other mothers about finding and trying several brands. I finally settled for pampers.
The best thing which I found rather than pampers it is the best one. They are soft, works over this super sensitive skin. I have tried the pack of pampers premium care diaper and I must say they are worth of every penny you spend.

The best part are the following features:

The packet talks about the soft like cotton, air channel to pass air, and the disposable tape which is a must. All these features got me really crazy. And I was so so interested in trying them. Especially the disposable tape because I am very clumsy while disposing them. It worked totally. I really liked the
results. They were like so much good for me, it is really like cotton and is soft to the areas like cuffs, legs and all around.

The package this time was a little different. The “Premium line” packaging has a blue and gold color
scheme which look cute and classy both. Opening the package gives me an easy hand on nearly arranged.

I must give a 4.8/5 for the breathability feature of this product. It has air channels that the air can easily
pass through. Diaper seems to be wet sometime but it does not makes any rash or irritation. Moisture escapes this diaper quite easily. I have done this breathability test at myself too. If you want you can do it on your own to confirm. Take a pamper diaper and pour a glass of hot water, now place a glass upside down and in few seconds you will find that water vapors coming out. It shows how breathable it is.

With the term air channels, these are fully absorbent. As I told you I did this water test which shows breathability yet absorbability. It absorb the whole glass of water but what I like the most is that it spread evenly. Water did not run to any single part of the diaper and diaper was not heavy from bottom.
Also air passes completely which make baby comfortable and dry.

Does this word sound a little different to you while referring to a diaper? This is one of my favorite feature and yes I can say only pampers does it. Basically there is a yellow line at the bottom of the diaper. When the diaper is full the yellow color turns to blue. Which helps you find out that the diaper needs a change. Isn’t it a smart feature?

And this feature is really worth for those who are a little clumsy like me while disposing the diaper. I was
very eager to try it out. And result for that I have a stinky dustbin in my house. So there is a blue tape at the back of the diaper which you can pull to half and wrap the diaper properly. And it does work in both poop and pee scenario. So for me it is a big savior.

There is a question with every mother who don’t want to spend a lot of money on the diaper, but to be very honest that this product is worth spending. Prices are a little higher but if you go for a monthly pack you can save some and trust me it is a premium one and worth it.

The best thing is infusion aloe Vera gel in the diaper also prevent it from diaper rashes. Also the flexible
waistband ensure that its nit tight over the Thais and makes baby comfortable.

If you look over this premium range of diaper you will not be disappointed. Also I would recommend it to all mothers.

Diaper is a life savior for every mother and I must say that this Pampers premium care diaper is cherry
on the cake.

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