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It gives me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Surbhi Mahobia for introducing me. The promt for today is “MY Delivery and MY Baby”. Hop on to her blog to read her take on the Indian Woman.

I didn’t had any such complication through my pregnancy, It was just nausea which affect me somehow till my 5th month. But that’s okay as it has to be a part of pregnancy. Tough it was my first Pregnancy so that had taken me almost 10-11 hours of pain till the baby arrives to this world.

I was very nervous when I entered the hospital, Even though I had an idea of what will be happening with me but was not aware of how it is going to be.  My baby girl arrived at 6:45 in the morning and it was a private hospital where they had the baby, cleaned her up and handed her to my mom and then they cleaned up me too and then let me rest for around 20-30 minutes in the labor room.

To be very honest, I had seen pictures of mothers holding their baby direct after the delivery, Read article on skin touch, but this is not the scenario in my case.

I delivered my baby girl. I did not even see her at that time (kind of not allowed to) .No skin to skin touch. I was trying to see her when the lady was cleaning her but I couldn’t because of the restlessness after delivery. They gave me rest for 20-30 minutes in the labor room and my daughter was taken to my mom outside the room. I woke up and asked them to take me out of the room. There I saw her that little red face.


This is an everyday scenario in General Indian Govt. or Private Hospitals. They will make sure you have normal delivery but with lots of medical interventions. My postpartum period was the worst. The recovery took lot of time. With no intervention provided related to pelvic floor exercises and their importance by the doctors. I was in so much pain that I hated breastfeeding initially. Also the first breastfeed is always a difficult one. Sister came and drags the milk. Omg that was AAHHHH!!!
They make me sleep again and I did not hold my baby till now (Actually I did not want to, I was not in a condition) Till the time I had no feeling about being a mother. I was thinking of those articles or pictures, Omg how do they take that? It took me almost an hour to come back to my senses. Everyone was asking “How are you? How do you feel? And I was blank at that time. I was smiling to everyone may be they didn’t get to know my feelings. I hold her and tried to breastfeed for the first time. At that time I didn’t know about that how to do or hold a baby while breastfeed. But as I earlier had written, every woman got to know these things automatically. I make her sleep with me, by my side but I was not able to sleep then (It was a single bed and I was afraid that she could fall. Tough I know new born can’t move, but I have become a mother J ) We came home in the evening, I could not even walk properly because of the pain. I was on the bed for almost 9-10 days as recovering from the pain. There were so much helping hands that I didn’t work on any of her work (again, was not allowed to). But the best part was, she was by my side. To be very honest it took me a day or two to make me feel myself as a mother.

What were my feelings after holding my baby for the very first time – “Blank ”

Does that make me a bad mother? AM I not an Ideal mother for my baby as I can’t feel her for the very first time I hold her? I was much more scared to hold those little tiny hands or foot. I was really nervous by seeing those little eyes and red cheeks.


Technically that was an abnormal way of delivering newborn rather than normal. I might not remember the pain I bore but my first experience has left me some bad scars which won’t get faded.

Let me also take the opportunity to introduce Uttara Singhfrom I lo’>ve how she writes about Indian Woman. Do check her blog post on the promt for today.



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