My Anniversary Month

I have always wanted that fairy tale style prince coming for me and celebrating valentines or giving surprises. Tough that is not my valentine’s type in real. But you know what the best part happened. I share my wedding anniversary on The Valentine’s Day.

It’s the month of February. Love is in the air. Many couples may be planning so many things to pamper their self or their loved ones with surprise dinners, gifts, movies, long drives and some of us may like handpicked collection of personalized gifts.

This month I can never thought of anything else because as its love and relationship month.

Sharing with you all why is this month of love more special for me.

I took my marriage vows to the man whom I wanted to get married and that happened on “Valentine’s Day”

I don’t celebrate it only on a single day. But I celebrate it whole month. For me it is not Anniversary Day it’s my Anniversary Month.

We used to work in the same office. He was my senior and I came under him in his department for the training. We met, spent time, fell in love and got married.

Does that sound like a story?

I was in my engineering college in last semester and we had 6 months training in last year. I applied in a company and got selected there. I was in a team with around 15-18 members and my head was the one who my husband is now. He usually roams around the floor to check on every member. Tough I was not aware of that because it was my first experience in an office. And I asked one of my colleagues, why is he so “vella” that he never sits on his seat. Then I got to know he is our team leader and checks on everybody.                               STUPID ME!!!

It was company’s annual function after 2 weeks I joined the office. That day we had our first conversation. After office party we (whole team) went out to have a ride and eat something. After all that fun I went to meet a friend of mine. And suddenly we got a call that his friend needs blood because of some accident. And I had to call our team leader after finding his number after 2-3 calls. WHAT A COINCIDENT!!

And the story begins!!

Texts, Calls, and after office meetings, made it something else. We were together for two years with so many ups and downs in our relationship. We finally take our woes on Valentine’s Day.

I got pregnant and had my due date in January. But I wanted it to happen in February, not the exact date at least the month. And imaging she came on 26 of January.

Tough it was not according to what I wish for but Yess, I have got two amazing dates in my life to celebrate.

 26 January (My Girl’s Bday) it’s nearby February so that okay for me too.

14 February (My Anniversary) it’s Valentine’s Day

For me this is month of love and relationship. As I have heard a lot of saying that we can celebrate love and relationship every day. But for me we need a special day where we can remember those times, cherish our memories, feel for those memories and celebrate them. So here we are celebrating this month of love.

This post is a part of the blog train started by Jasmeet of and Anchal of They have networked to bring together moms to share their take on Love and Relationships in this month of Love .

I am grateful to Anbhuti who blogs at   for introducing me to the blog train.

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  • Gunjan

    Wow such a cute love story and what a brilliant day to take view. Jan is my bday and anniversary month and so wished my baby to come into this world in the same month too but he came exactly on his due date at christmas..

  • Pooja Kapoor

    Awwwww. My brother in law also ha s his anniversary on 14th February. So technically I celebrate your anniversary too every year. ??. Maithili was born on republic day. Next baby on independence day??? ? ?

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