Why do we love those who don’t care about what you feel. Or is it like that if we love someone they don’t even care about you. May be because they have taken you for granted. I don’t really understand what it is actually. Is there any fault in understandings between the both. Who is not making the right sense for this or why they think that what thees do is always right. Why do they always feel that they are not as much important as others do in their life. And why do they always create a fight on this.

I think i have a reason for this and please correct me if you don’t agree with it. ?

May be one or the other want clarification but any of them don’t think so. They don’t answer or start arguments on that.

It will lead to think one that he/she may b the culprit for the fight. Which will not be a good sign to next. I have an idea. Let us send a message and help the other one to understand the feelings. I hope it works.


” I will always be there for you whether you love or not, weather you beat m,e or kill me, weather you accept me or reject me. I am tired of crying and and my eyes are left only with two things TEARS and YOU. Nothing left until we are not married. I hope marriage will clear some of our doubts.

 Please reply how much time will take to get every thing normal. Will be waiting for your words.

Your Love. “

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