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When or How to start writing articles, especially when you are completely new. It is for sure that when we have not written much before or lately, it is for sure that our articles r our content they are not going to flow easily and naturally. That is going to change as you keep writing more articles.

To become a good writer, we must have ability to control those external forces that keep us stopping from completing our task.

When asked how I wrote my first article, I simply replied, “I was not writing an article, I was just collecting my memories or experience in words, plain and simple.”

Another very useful technique what I prefer every time is that I read my own article around two- three times before posting it. I read it as an article written by some other person and try to feel those words.  Also it will help me to find my mistakes which I have done while writing. You can try that with reading it loudly, so that you never overlook some small words or prepositions which need to be corrected.

After trying again and again, you will become better at it. For example, before you write one word for an article, blog or poem, think through the process. It will become easier for you to gather words to finish your work before time, this is called visioning.

Try to make time to read online articles by other writers, and do make notes about what their vision is. What they like to write or what they want to share with their readers. What do they do different? Do they write a lot or less? What language they use?

After some time you will create your own writing style. You will understand the time of thinking and creating words. The following tips will help you more in increasing your writing skills.

Following are some tips that helped me finding the right path in writing and I hope you will also find them informative. 

Take time to plan

Planning- is really important. What will be your idea of writing? How are you going to start? It will be more structured and planned and will help you in getting your task completed on time. You will never forget your important points while writing.

Do read

Until you don’t expose yourself to other writers, you will not be able to pick the tricks that they used to hold the reader’s attention.

So you also need to read your own content and check what you have written. Do you feel your words? Do you feel what you want to express to your readers.

Grammatical mistake

Yes, it is correct that you need to connect to your audience but it does not mean that content can have so many of spelling and grammatical mistakes. As a general rule, you should pay attention to grammar rules and punctuations.

When ever you see a wrong punctuated word you cannot ever like that article to read it, or you will leave that page. Using commas at the place of full stops does not make any sense. So you need to be very particular about the punctuation or your work.

Read it

Reading your content is very essential. When you write you are in a constant flow of emotions that you don’t remember what you have written.

When you read what you have written will help you check in if you have left some words or made any spelling mistake. Reading your content loud will immediately tell you where you have made any mistake.

Expand vocabulary

Your words should connect to your readers. You need to check that what you write every reader is able to understand that. You don’t need to digest any dictionary. You may even accomplish it by not using any technical or heavy word that people need to GOOGLE it.

You can use Google or any other dictionary to find the meaning of your words and that will help you increasing your vocabulary also.

Do your research

When I write any article on the topic I do read similar articles related to that topic. Content should be on the topic always. Don’t let your readers think about out of topic. Always check  about facts and figures you quote are always correct.

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