Is it necessary to have a perfect picture on Instagram?

Behind those perfect pictures and stories on Instagram, there is a person running behind to look that perfect. It’s the mom photographer or mom model or baby model assistant mom, or a single word mom. I have been working on a lot of life’s together here these days and have received a lot of messages regarding my work on instagIns and why I do blogging. But mainly the biggest question you get all the time is “Are you a housewife or a working mom?”

I mean like WTF do you do with my things? I am a blogger who works for her self. Generally, people think blogger has a lot of Vella time with them.

How I Feel About:
I love what I do, I love what I want, and I love how I do it. If you have any issue stop stalking me.

My Journey:
I struggle every day to come up as a blogger around this full of bloggers world. I try to survive every day. And I would love to share my real life experiences and pictures.

How I Work:
I try to use my phone as much as possible, it doesn’t matter it’s 3 am at night or 3pma day. I try to write when my kid is not there to take it away.

Yes, I Use My Phone:

I try to get perfect pictures all the time. Whether it took 100 pictures, it took 300 or more than that. Is it really important to have always those perfect kinda pictures?? You need a good quality camera and good editing knowledge to make your picture look good..Like really???

My Words Are My Feeling:
I love writing what I feel but I try to keep my self-busy with household, kids, family. I try to provide good content. I write what I feel. I do not copy (no one does). But there are some people who can make your content look like shit with their comments.

I Don’t Get Things For Free:
I do not collaborate with brands from whom I have to get products and  take care of content on a single bottle of product (sorry no offense, it’s just I don’t have this much of time for every collaboration.) I work with those brands whom I like and think are useful. I need to tell my Instagram world what is useful or what not. I work for brands to get those products and they won’t ever give them free.

I Work For My Followers:
I try to work for my followers who keep an eye on my content and pictures. Whether it is product reviews related or parenting related or anything else. I think I try to make a genuine content for them. They might take help from what I write. And I don’t post perfect pictures all the time. But still, people follow because they want originality.

My Views:
For me, it’s not a perfect picture always. I know Instagram is all about pictures, but for me, it’s about what you feel. What you create should be understood by those for whom you write.

My Hard Work:

I always try to make things creative or interesting but not for the sake of anything. Originality is what is always there in my mind. If your content is not creative no one will see your work. So try to make it attractive and cool.

I don’t know if it makes me a good blogger or not but it makes me a happy one.

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