How You Share Freedom With Your Kids


It is Republic day today, the day of our county’s freedom. The day of celebrating our freedom and telling history that what had we done to gain this freedom. Nothing comes in free, even for this day, we have to sacrifice a lot.

To be very honest it’s my daughter’s birthday today. She is turning 2 today. What should I gift her?


AS my girl will grow year by year, she will ask me or learn about the history if this day. But is it sufficient to share those stories of freedom with kids??

Are these slogans, parade, lecture or speech, tricolored clothes enough to teach our kids about freedom?
If not then what should I share with my girl? No limits, no restrictions, going wherever she want to go, doing whatever she want to do, whenever she want to come back home,

Is this freedom?

What is happening on our world today, Child molestation, kidnapping, school killings, rapes and many other crimes of which many of us are not even aware? We donot want our kids to talk to anyone. We are sacred of sending them school even in a school bus. Many such situations are in our minds these days. In these conditions we are not helping our kids to understand and experience things on their own. As a result we all are becoming over-protective to our kids.

But the main concern is that we can’t even change this. We as parents want our kids to be safe but in that case I thing that freedom to our kids is on stake.
• What is the solution?
• How can we make our kids free?
• What should we do?
• Should we left things on conditions?

Yes, we need to set boundaries but in such a way that our kids learn from them, nor they feel controlled. Motivation and Communication will be our (all parents) biggest weapon. We need to make them understand the pros and cons of any situation. Let them decide what they want to do?

Always have some family time together. Playing time, Park time, dine together or take vacations. But remember we are not giving time to them. We are spending Quality time and making memories.

Give your kids all the options available. Let them find a new option otherwise.

Allow them to choose what they want to do. It is not like, “Let them do what they want” But always supervise them.

Help them increase their creativity !!!

Let your kids help you in taking decisions. Share your house priority with them; let them find a solution for you. If not good enough, help them to engage and find a result. It will increase the understanding and problem solving skills.

Never ask them about their friends, be their friends. This type of bonding will eventually build the power of thinking and understanding between you and your kid. Also they will learn right & wrong; good or bad.

Freedom cannot be given, it has to be understood. Just because we are adult, it is not that whatever we decide is correct. Let our kids know that getting/having freedom is not just a chance to act restriction-free but it’s a responsibility. Responsibility towards our self, our family and our nation.

I found a perfect gift for my girl this year and I hope every year I will share this freedom with her.

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