Himalaya Pure Hand Sanitizer Review

Good hygiene leads to good health. In this winter season we sometime feel lazy to wash our hands. Especially with kids, and super special when we are travelling. I am always worried about how will I manage to wash her hand every time he touches something dirty or unhygienic. There is also a problem that anytime she saw water she starts playing with it. And rest the story you can imagine.
Change in season gets along the dreaded flu as well. It’s almost impossible to wash hands at times when you’re out. That is when this Himalaya Purehands hand sanitizer comes to the rescue.
It is an alcohol-based sanitizer which kills 99.9% of germs thus prevents infection and takes care of hand hygiene. It has antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral ingredients that keep viruses, bacteria and fungi away, thus keeping you safe from catching diseases.

It is super easy to use. All you need to do is squeeze a coin-sized drop on your palms and Rub well over the palms. Continue this until the gel dries off. You donot need any water to rinse it.
PureHands is clinically tested and completely safe for regular use. It helps in preventing skin irritation and dryness.
– It comes in a handy bottle; even fit your sling bag too.
– It comes in 5 different fragrances – Lemon, Green Apple, strawberry, orange and litchi.
– The fragrance of each variant is good. (My girl feels it somewhere strong.)
– It maintains moisture of the skin and doesn’t cause any itchiness or irritation.
– No need of water after using this.
– Your skin absorbs PureHands instantly, leaving a cooling effect for a good time.

And products like these help in keeping our hands germ free ?


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