Best Ways To Get Kids To Eat Healthy Food

Children these days are fussy eaters; I can say 98% of them at least are…

I don’t know why??? But I think this is the question of every mother. If you give them, fastfood over food they will surely going to pick fast food. They will pick pizza over parantha or we say halwa over chocolates or it can be fruits over chips.

So where are we mothers leaving behind??? How are we not cooking that food thing tasty? What are we not getting them to introduce so that they can pick it up as they see it. I think this is the time to be innovative.

Here are some recipes which I try and I think you all moms there will like it because it’s a hit at my place.

Let us start with recipe one:

Who don’t like PIZZA? SO let us make pizza for our Italians.


  • Whole wheat
  • Vegetables for filling
  • Cookie cutter
  • Oil (a little)


  • Kneed the whole wheat with water to make a dough, (Simple as we do to make ours roti/parantha)
  • Boil vegetable (as you like them we need to make filling as we do for our paranthas)
  • Make a parantha filling the vegetable and cut them with cookie cutter, you can find cookie cutter in different shapes as star, circle, moon, flower etc.
  • Heat them over the pan and your mini pizza are ready.

And I am sure your baby will love this, and let me tell you a secret I made this today and she finished it all.  All the veggies I want her to eat were in her tummy!! Happy Mummy!!!

Let us get down to recipe two:

Who don’t like snacks as in Fruits


  • Fruit of your kids choice
  • Pop sticks
  • Moulds
  • Juice


  • Cut the fruits in pieces (small pieces considered as its easy for kids to eat)
  • Pour some juice in mould
  • Add fruits too
  • Put a pop stick
  • Freeze them

Your fruit ice cream is ready for this summer. Also you can put them different pudding plate to make them in different designs. I am sure kids will love them.

Let us check recipe three

Let us move towards the end today and finish our meal with little deserts.


  • Fruits
  • Chocolate chips (white preferably)
  • Sprinkles
  • Fruits
  • Pop sticks


  • Cut fruits in small pieces
  • Melt the white chocolate chips to make it in liquid form
  • Add fruits into white chocolate and let it freeze for some time.
  • Make small balls of that chocolate and cover it up again with white chocolate liquid
  • Spread sprinkles over it.
  • And let it freeze.

Your kid’s sweet tooth will be satisfied. For moms it will be a win win, fruits for mumma and chocolate for kids.

We can make very common recipes which have the most normal ingredients which we use on daily basis. We will be learning so others good recipes from other moms too. Let us see what they are cooking.

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Lastly, I would like to introduce Rashmi, A hospitality professional and educator turned blogger. A proud cloth-diapering, co-sleeping, breastfeeding and babywearing mom. She writes in an attempt to make mommying simpler for other new moms. Though a caring mommy to her baby she’s NotJustMommying.

See what she is giving to her kiddo to eat. You should check and use those recipes too. If you are making any new one do share. 



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