Its a new year again which have arrived with lot of joy and new inspirations. I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

New Year always brings New Plans, New Resolutions, New Obstacles, New strategies, New Connections, New Experiences, New Time in short a New Life. Hmm.. so every one will be trying to make this year special to them and have made many plans and resolutions.

Every person will be starting new year with new resolutions for having a change about the experiences they had in their previous year. Every one will be making resolutions to have success, some to make changes, some to change some habits for any good and bad reason ?

Teenagers will start from their studies or fun. Right guys. ? ?

Professionals will take resolutions for their success. Right Sir/Ma’am ? ?

Every personality will have different resolutions and they will try their best to complete it. But there are also some exceptional personalities who always made resolutions but are not able to decide and some don’t even remember them to the next day. And those exceptional cases includes me. ?

I have tried to make resolution many times like not to eat too much chocolates, not to have so much fun, not to shout, reduce weight etc. etc. etc. But i always get confused that which one should i accept as there are so many.

You might have start working on your resolutions and I haven’t even choose one. Still confused !!!! Help me finding or selecting (or whatever) at least a single resolution. Waiting for your advises. ?

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