What is the most essential thing in this life? Nothing more than WATER and FOOD!!! A human life is all settled up until the tummy is full.

There was earlier time when people used to eat purely organic food grown in their own gardens. Vegetables and fruits were grown organically and crops in farms. Lifestyle has changed and so is the environment. So everything has changed. But yes we are looking for as good as possible for our kids.

But there is a question “Will our future generation be able to have these natural or purely organic foods”? And my answer will be “NO”. This is all because of modern techniques, modern food styles, vanish off the basic environment-friendly methods. So to help in preventing all this mishapening with nature or your own body, we need to work with Sustainable Food Practices for eating and growing.


We humans these days do not have time to work on the algorithms for counting the organic food theorem. Living I metro cities has changed our lookout for eating. People are so busy these days as they do not have time for themselves. Packed foods are the most consumed now a days. Moreover companies come with Food products which might be loaded with chemicals. That makes our intake directly or indirectly of many diseases.

The question is what are we working to ensure Sustainability in Food?

What are we giving to our kids to their future?

Increasing population means increase in food. Which has led thing in use of much stronger pesticides and fertilizers to increased growth? And to help in growing or eating food with minimum effect on the environment is what we need now or need to protect in future. We need to work locally for this.

Grow organic and eat organic.

Following are few ways through which we can help our intake of food healthy and organic.
– Consume only organic foods as much as possible. Try to grow your own fruits and vegetables.
– Try to use minimal of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It will help your vegetables or fruits grow organically.
– Try to eat seasonable vegetables and fruits. Try to control your intake of unseasonable fruits which are stored in Cold Storage.
– Try to consume as much as less packed foods and packed juices. Try to consume fresh juices as possible.
– Many farmers these days use only natural methods of farming which is healthy and has natural tastes and also help in keeping environment good.
– There are many companies which help you in providing the best organic food which are without preservatives and no added chemicals.
– This will help in conservation our natural resources. If we use the organic fertilizers it helps in conservation our natural resources.
– This all will help our Farmers too. Their hard work will be counted once again.

Food grown locally has the most organic food essentials and they can be persevered for a long time. The flavors and real and rich and the starch and nutrient value are highest. I would suggest look out to those brands which are working on organic foods and helps farmers too.

Healthy Food Healthy Country !!

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