First-Time Mom Is Always A Special Feeling

Being a woman I feel is the greatest strength in the whole world. It is from where every new life is born and raised. And I also feel blessed for being a woman and now as I have become a
mother too so I can relate this more. I always was a girl who has this girly desire of wedding, family, kids.

When I got the news that I have a bun in my oven, I was a little confused about how am I going to manage that new life coming out? I was mentally not ready for this (because it was not
planned and I was not even expecting this to happen). But whatever happens, happen for good.

So there I was expecting a baby. And in my journey I was constantly ready books, surfing the internet, reading articles on how to manage or work on raising a new life.

So it continues with “how to hold a baby while breastfeeding” “how to hold them while bathing” and all those dirty diapers, sleepless nights, constant feeding, fierce crying all around
was the very first time experiences #firsttimemom which is not so easy as it looks like.

But from every experience, I had my favorite one when the first time I hold her to make her first bath. It was my mom and my grandmother (My Nani) who helped me in making that
complicated situation a lifetime memory. My baby was born in the month of January and I lived in a place which is a small town located
on the side of a river and surrounded by the Himalayas covered with snow. And the temperature sometimes was in minus. And people in the Himalayas have their different rituals too. For the first
month, we do not use any soap or other bath product on babies (only ghee/water). We make babies have their bath with warm water only and then massage them with hot ghee. Only my
mother used to make her bath twice a day.

So the first time I ever hold her and open up her clothes that little human was very delicate to hold. At that time I was filled with mixed emotions and was not able to control my feelings and
had a tear in my eyes. When I first pour a few drops of water on her head it was like a different feeling that I cannot explain in words.

My first experience with #firstwaterwipes:

We live in a place where daily needs are always a little difficult to find or buy. So what I had to do is stock my things up. I had a few packets of wet wipes which I used while my girl poops or pee. Because it was a winter season and water temperature was very low. I used those wipes regularly for a few weeks and I realize that girl has got some redness or rashes around the diaper line or on her bump. So I have never used wipes for her again ever. I used to have a muslin cloth and a bottle of hot water handy always. Even when we had our travels that time as well.

But when I really found @mothersparshwipes I found my #firstwaterwipes (because always
carry a cloth and a bottle of water is difficult). I have seen their flame test done by various mothers and thought why not to make a try. So I did that flame test and I was shocked that it

really is what I was looking for. They have I only use Mother Sparsh for Maithili and other brands for myself.

  •  Mother Sparsh is 98% water wipes and skin friendly.
  • These wipes are parabens & alcohol-free, hypoallergic, ph balanced.
  • These wipes are clinically proven which prevents diaper rashes.
  • These wipes are a plant-based fabric which is 100% biodegradable.
  • These are affordably priced. 80 wipes/ 175 rs.

After using these wipes I have recommended to my mom fellows. Not only for babies these can be used by moms or girls as they are 100% water wipes. So while you are working on removing your eye m[wowslider id=”1″]akeup this is what you should get your hands on. I will give a 5/5 for Mother Sparsh and recommend it to every mom or would be a mom out there.

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