Father’s Day Gifting Ideas

Today on the auspicious day of “Father’s Day” Let us raise a toast to all the fathers, grandfathers or great grandfathers in the world. A father is called by many names like “Backbone of a family” “Pillar of strength” or you can give him a lot of your own names as I call my dad “My hero”. You might have taken many different names for your dad. Do you call them with a different name.?

This day is to celebrate and encourage our world to introduced importance of father’s role in our life (I am sure most of you know this, but there are some who do not). And I believe that can be achieved if we take part in such activities which help them get inspired to understand what a father figure can be.

Starting with the basic facts:

  1. First Father’s day was celebrated on 17 June 1910.
  2. The idea was shared by Sonora Dodd
  3. American president Lyndon Johnson declared 3rd Sunday of June as Father’s Day.
  4. The holiday of Father’s day started in 1966 in America where as in India it’s only celebrated, not the official holiday.

So we are only sharing positive things here to all the fathers. Also Maithili is 2.5 years now and she has started understanding things, enjoying events, she is looking for a new activity all the day now. So here MOMandMAITHILI is at DadiHouse on this Fathers Day and that also without papa, so we are working today on the best of diy where she can enjoy or cherish her father’s day.

We are working on some diy painting which will include some hand butterfly design, toe butterfly design, some thumb/finger painting and lot more with messy memories.

By the way we had planned a surprise for him too before we left him and I am sure he would like that too.

So let’s talk about the best gifting ideas for Father’s Day

  1. Gadgets: Fathers like gadgets or I must say all men love gadgets. A whole number of list can pop up when you are looking for a gadget gifting ideas. And I am sure this gift would be the best and most liked gifts from all. You can check on new cell phones, laptops or headphones etc.
  2. Watches: I have heard that girls used to shop watches a lot. But in my case my husband and father both are fond of watches. So a watch is always a good option for a gift idea.
  3. Clothes/shoes: You can also spend something on clothes and shoes to gift them. I am sure my scenario is not different from other fathers.
  4. Personalized gifts: This is trending these days. You can gift him anything which he likes the most with personalization. You can gift wallets written initials or name on it, you can personalize their favorite pictures with a message or quote, you can personalized stationary. So I think personalization add a soft touch to whatever thing you are gifting.
  5. Delicious meal: You can surprise him by cooking or preparing a delicious meal for him. Every dish/cuisine which he likes you can cook for him and surprise him.
  6. A small trip: You can take small trip outside; you can go to watch a movie, picnic or a long drive. Also you can step out to a market, to a small vacation.
  7. Lunch/dinner date: I think this would be the best gift for a foodie father. You can reserve a table for lunch/dinner and enjoy the day with him.

I would suggest these gifting ideas are simple and they will fit in everyone’s budget too. So we MOMandMAITHILI Picked up number 4 and personalized his favorite picture and surprised him. And yes he liked it a lot.

But as we are off now we are celebration our fathers day with some diy activities. So how did you celebrate your Father’s day this year? Do share in comments.

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