Environmental Wisdom From George Carlin

This post is all about on the Environment. We have heard a lot about that and these days it is so in trend. But I recently watched a video of George Carlin’s standup comedy which was titled george carlin on the environment.

First I was a little intrigued, thinking what could be the comedy over environment and I was so impressed by his way of saying things out. He was not at all afraid of speaking of his mind.

Those eight minutes I was glued over my laptop’s screen. He claims that self-righteous environmentalist; white, bourgeois liberals have got nothing in mind but us in our campaign to Save the Planet.

In the midst of the obscenity, he points out that the planet has existed for billons of years, and will keep on existing inconclusively, fixing and purifying itself as it has accomplished forever. What will stop to exist will be us, mankind, thus our journey to not “spare the planet” per state, however to keep it tenable for people.

All efforts to improvement in saving the environment are focused on improving things that directly affect humans. Just think about it once, depletion of the ozone, fracking, water pollution, air pollution, and climate change. These issues have become so concerning these days because, they have the potential which can even wipe out the humans too.

George Carlin puts it so bluntly when he mentions that the planet has been through a lot worse than us and the planet isn’t going anywhere. We are.. so we need to pack our shit as we will be going away.

This brings up philosophical issues, at that point. It there a such thing as truly thinking about nature.

Is the entirety of our tree hugger endeavors gotten from childish beginnings?

What’s more, on the off chance that they are totally egotistical, is there anything amiss with that? Is it accurate to say that we are stupid to try and attempt and alter or contend with common procedures?

It is safe to say that we are actually totally unimportant in the excellent extent of the world?

As opposed to Carlin’s position, I like to accept that it is as yet conceivable to be charitably ecological to need to secure something simply on the grounds that it exists, not on the grounds that it has any bearing on our result as people.

I also like to believe that it is possible, to want to secure or protect purely because it exists not because it has any bearing with humans. Something is always said for appreciating nature, because it is beautiful or wishing to reduce our impact on environment for the grand force of the world.

George Carlin says We are part of a greater wisdom, it doesn’t punish, reward or judge at all. It just is and so are we.

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