Easy Way To Make Scented Candle At Home


Smell is the most impressive sense that people have in light of the fact that it is the main sense that has an immediate pathway to the cerebrum.

Tinkling your faculties, candles are shrewdly utilized in fragrance based treatment. Utilizing the fundamental oils, these candles when consumed leave a scent that has a recuperating contact and animates your nerves.

Maybe the most mainstream sort of light available today is the scented flame. Not exclusively do scented candles add magnificence and air to your home

Who doesn’t love Scented candle? They are so good for Home Decoration and Aromatherapy also It just make your mood and relax your senses.



Ingredients you need:

– Candle Wax – (I used old candles)
– Essential/Fragrance Oil – ( I used DIffuser oil)
– String/Wick – ( I used from old candle )

– Boil water and melt the candle wax.
– While the wax melts add the oil (Quantity depends on you how much strong you like)
– After 30 second pour the wax to your candle jar
– Keep the thread/wick straight upwards so it remain straight
– Let it cool
– Voila ! Your Scented Candle is Ready

Enjoy !!

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