Do Working woman and Homemaker Woman make any difference?

Many times I have to answer a question about my future and they ask. Will you be working women or be a housewife? Like really? What is the difference? They both have to work. Its just places are different.

So today I am not writing an article, this is my personal experience and my story which I am sharing with you all. I was an independent and working woman before being a mom. But now I am an independent homemaker and raising up my daughter.  And to be very honest I don’t find any difference in any of these situations.

This endless discussion will not have any results from my side because, Both have pros and cons and it vary from situations to situations. SO I am just sharing my experience with both the situations (I hope you will like it)

When I was Working:

When I used to be working, My Daily routine – I had to get up early, make breakfast and lunch. Pack it for me and my husband. I had to do cleaning, mopping, dishes, washing, and then dinner. Complete home service and then office. This was my routine for the day, weak.  Weekends were: travelling, party etc.

Me and my husband we were not planning a baby at the time we had. We were looking for more career options in life. We were looking to open our own business. But I conceive and those plans had to make on hold.

When I am Homemaker:

After a mother life had changed, Priorities are different in life now. My Daily routine – I had to get up early, make breakfast and lunch, Pack it for my husband. I had to do cleaning, mopping, dishes, washing, and then dinner. Now what has added?  Baby care, Diaper change, Feeding baby, sleepless days/nights, looking for books, experimenting new recipes and so on. Weekends are: zoo, parks, etc.

I am working from home (part time). And now when I am getting some time so we have started to look on to our business too.  I love being a homemaker. I love raising my daughter and taking care of my husband, loved caring for my home, loved the freedom of my schedule.

Now, if we talk about pros and cons: 
If the stay at home mom uses her time wisely she has advantage to add income by working at home part time and budget the household.


Many moms choose to work or continue working; there might be issue with time management. Then there are the possibilities of buying “quick foods” sometimes ? , having to commute and possibly hire a house cleaner.

She is able to be a support and nurturer to her family. She is always with her children, throughout the day and enjoy being a mom.


It is definitely more difficult for a working mom all day to keep in touch with her family, but if she must work away from home she would do well to spend what time she does have with them in quality interaction.

Making every moment into a memory is very important for both the working mom and stay at home mom.  Becoming a mother is not just a responsibility, it’s a choice of every woman.

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