DIY Activities For Your Kids Every Summer Vacation


Summer holidays have started and every kid is happy to have their vacation. Every family has their own plans for these vacations.  Whatever the vacations plans are but with kids it needs to be extra special. You can call it special with preparation or planning or packing or even traveling. With kids everything has to be perfectly planned. You these little bombs can explode on anything.

Travelling with kids is always fun if you decide to spend your vacations on destinations which are appropriate to kids age, and kids environment. We have already discussed travelling with kids, and I am sure those points will help you out in travelling. You can check that HERE

So today let us talk about how to engage with kids when you are at “Dadi House” or “nani House”” or your “Own House” we need to engage our kids. And we all know kids are the one who need a new activity every day because they gets bore so soon.

So this year MOMANDMAITHILI decided to spend their holidays at “Dadi House” So we have a lot of things to explore and watch as we are living these vacations in our village.

So, our day starts with birds chirping outside, sunrise, morning cuddles with dadi and dadu.  We have our breakfast and then our best likes are picking stones, picking sticks, playing with sand and running all day, watching our cows, cats and fields, then playing with kids (neighbourer) and playing and playing and playing. So whole day we only play.

So I bring some colors and activity sheets so that we can spend some evening time inside too. These are all for adding a colorful touch to our memories. And we have some diy activities with our minimal things. This time we make our toe foot butterfly.

For this activity we need:

  1. Plain white sheet
  2. Water Color of your choice
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Some sparkles to decorate

How to Prepare:

Step 1: Take a white sheet and a water color of your choice.

Step 2: Pick up a brush and paint your kids foot.

Step 3: Place foot on the sheet and let it set for 5 seconds.

Step 4: Paint the other foot and place it in the opposite side of already placed foot. It will look like a butterfly.

Step 5: Decorate your toe foot butterfly with some sparkles.

Taddaaa!!!!  It’s Done!

So we do made the same butterfly with our hands too. And we gifted it our dad on Father’s Day.

There are some many other activities which you can do with kids/toddlers and enjoy your holiday with making some messy memories.

So if you did any of these kinds of activities do share and let me know. Sharing is learning!!!

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