Day Of Love and Happiness!


ITS VALENTINE’S DAY AGAIN.. ? So are you ready with your gifts and cards?

February- A MONTH of ROMANCE, A WEEK of special FEELINGS, A DAY for you and your LOVE.

We celebrate valentine in only romantic feelings but not in the true background of love and that makes us guilty of the failure to celebrate the valentine day optimally. Most dictionaries points valentine day to be a day for sharing gifts and cards between spouses and Lovers. We an make a new menaing to ourselves that this day of love will spread the love and happiness all along i your life with your friends, mates, loved ones etc. Untill next valentine comes ?

“By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.”

We can also make a change with this valentine of spreading Love, Joy and Happiness to those who don’t know about this day even. We can spend this day of love in a way of making other happy. May be just a smile can help you making that and also you might be able to make someone smile. ?

Will you stand as the light of hope for the hopeless? Will you…?

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