Child Safety New Chapter Of Life

I do remember the time when my mother used to tell me not to go with anyone, or not to eat anything if some stranger gives you that. I always was a girl who gets convinced very easily. So that innocence of mine was my mother’s biggest concern.

These days people had to get crueler rather than before. People have become emotionless. Hurting, kidnapping, raping, killing these all crimes have become some regular news these days.

Now we have to do something about this, I don’t know if can stop all this happening, but we can try to make our kids understand the importance of being safe so that they can make a safer world for them in future.

And this generation has a very helpful weapon with them. They know their this technology these days will help to them in many ways.  Despite everything I feel jittered, perusing and finding out about such episodes without stopping for even a minute. Particularly with youngsters. What are we, as guardians, doing about CHILD SAFETY?

Kids are smart these days, it is just the right ways we need to tell them how to use their smartness. Children are the most gullible & hence vulnerable beings, if not trained even minimally. Well, yes, your kids may be smarter than you in your childhood. But so have social & sexual predators gotten more clever at their modus operandi. And this certainly calls for training our kids to keep themselves safe during such panicky or emergency situations. Here are a few SIMPLE THINGS you need to work on with your kid to maximize child safety.

What do you do to ensure child safety of your little darling?

By 2 years

Being 2-year babies have reached being in toddler state. A 2-year-old can take names or make an instruction which another person can easily understand. Try to teach your son/daughter to say the names as clearly as possible. Not just his/her name but also either of yours (you or your spouse) along with the surname. Surprisingly, many young abducted children have been able to be traced only because the perpetrator underestimated their ability to recall the names/surname of parents.

But teaching them the cruelty of this world in such a little age might get an impact of being living in a dangerous world.  However, REMEMBER NOT to pressurize or ground your kid into reproducing the name(s) by force. Neither is it advisable/necessary to threaten them into learning these in order to ‘protect’ themselves from a bad ‘Uncle’ or ‘Aunty’ who might try to ‘kidnap’ them. Such negative facts can be hugely detrimental to children’s mental growth below 2 years. They are just trying to explore their social ambiance, that they believe, is only good or neutral. But not BAD

By 3-4 years

These days kids are more into phones or tv rather than into playgrounds. Normal playgrounds are not in use much and those have changed into the gaming zone of any mall. And we have to be careful while taking them to such crowded place. If your child finds himself/herself lost in a park, mall or anywhere, communicating your phone or vehicle number or address to a trustworthy adult can help you guys.

In the meanwhile, empower them appropriately about subtly educating them in the conforms of sex abuse. Let them know that you & your spouse will always believe them if they come to you calling a person out who touched or behaved with them in a sleazy or uncomfortable manner.

Millions of young & innocent hearts are being tattered by sexual abuse, often by known people. Some have never beaten the fear & thousands are living with it forever.

Nevertheless, no matter how bizarre it may seem, age-appropriate sex education becomes your responsibility as a parent. Because, hesitation may be momentary, but regrets can last for life. And when channeled properly with a good rapport with your child, sex education is just like any basic life lesson you’d give him/her during your candid conversations.

Don’t let them mix with strangers

In our time we can imagine people attracted toward the cuteness of the kid. They used to talk to kids a lot. But these days kids are not even allowed to talk to any stranger and if someone does try they are told not to react or answer. I don’t blame it to parents because they are more concerned about the reality which they can face.  All the more, instruct your kid not to let any stranger photograph him/her without your knowledge/permission. There’s no harm in convincing your child that photographs/videos can be manipulated in ways that can put them into unwanted or embarrassing situations.

If possible, ask your tiny partner to guide you through routes to home, supermarkets, park, school or any place that’s a regular thingy. Knowing to navigate is another powerful tool to child safety. And I must say kids these days are very smart enough to recall the roads too.  I must admit, I am really bad at this but I am trying my level best.

NO means NO!

While writing this caption I remember Amitabh Bachan from the movie “Pink”
And I totally them about consent. Tell them that n feel that nobody on earth, (even their own Ma & Papa) can touch, cuddle or caress them if that makes them uncomfortable at that moment. And that they’re supposed to show strong resistance or run from the place.

Also, instruct them over not giving in to any person’s insistence (even if it’s the father’s/mother’s friend/colleague) to pick them up from school on any pretext if they are not authorized to do so by you or the school. No matter what.

Child safety is not just relegated to crossing roads, riding a bicycle on the streets or child-proofing your house. Is it?

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