Celebrating Women’s Day this year for MOM.

The origin of the universe is the woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister…she shows every relations, what loving, caring and sharing is all about. Women are the better half of this universe and no one can deny this fact.

“Women” A simple word, She is not any noble prize winner or any civil rights leader. She has never been a “Person of the Year” in any magazine. She is just a living human being as others. She works at home, She works at office, She runs a business, She is a student, She give flu shots and speeding tickets and homework, She drive bus, She answer phones, She shops grocery, She cooks, She is an artist. Doctor, engineer, amd most importantly, she gives birth, She is a mother. She gives herself to the ordinary things that makes our family united and happy and she communicates whole.

The International Women’s day is celebrated in whole world to celebrate that one day to her love, care with interest. Though every day is a women’s day, but this day is to celebrate and honored them for their contribution to a happy family and society in general. This is the day dedicated to all the women in the world and in your life and honoring them for what they have impacted you in all ways. The International Woman’s day is celebrated every year on March 8.

Since the International Women’s Day is few days ahead so on this week when we are dedicating the day for all the women, I chose today and also want to dedicate my words/feelings for a woman who has her birthday today. I have got this golden opportunity to appreciate and honor my ideal women at home, at office, at the mechanics, and at the grocery store. She is my super model. She is my MOM. I never get a chance to thank her or appreciate her for what she has done to us (me and my sister). A simple pat on the back or even a simple hug can make all the difference. I thank this special lady in my life with simple words. Tell her exactly what she is to me.

Happy Birthday Mumma !!!

Celebrating Women’s Day has no single organizer or agenda, it is celebrated everywhere to determine how women in all countries defines what the day means to them, and what they hope to achieve in the set day. And I am celebrating it to a woman who has worked on two of her daughters whom she raised up alone and teach them that they are no less then a boy. She was working as a teacher and managed her job with two toddlers and a not so helpful husband (I am so sorry papa but it was that early time when men were only working on a job and then in the evening they are with friends, but now it has completely changed)

She never stopped us from getting any experiences when we were kids. She allowed us to participate in every function, give us that freedom what a teenager would want. She never said no to anything, allowed us to understand things on our own. She was not a mom only, she was a teacher, a mentor, and a best friend too.

So here I am writing a small letter to her.

Dear Mumma,

You are the reason why I am here in this world. You always wanted a girl for you and god gave you two. I don’t know whether you are proud of us or not, but I am so proud of you.

I have learnt everything from you. Today writing about you and memories recalling in my mind which helped me share these funny but learning experiences.

When I was a kid, I used to copy you, you are a teacher, I remember I used to go to your school and act as a teacher and no one could stop me (as I was “mam ki beti”).  And when Mam got know that, I remember that tight slap on my cheek.

I remember when once on my exam I wanted to saw a video of a song on which I was to perform in the school, but you didn’t allowed me. I was begging and crying but you didn’t allow to watch. (That was the incident which helps me in getting more focused and more concentrated in life.)

One day I went for a marriage from the school with friends (it was our teachers wedding so everybody went) and I was late (very late though, because of the transport) and when I reach home, I was so worried that you will for surely kill me for this. But you didn’t say anything; you didn’t talk to me for 2 days. That time I understand that your silence has taught me something very important.

When I was in labor, it was you who was there for me, and I would have asked for a c-section for another ten minutes, you could have said yes. (You were not able to see me in that pain). It shows your love.

There were many incidences in my life I remember till my teenage and I learnt things with my stupid experiences. And now as I am a mother to a daughter myself, I can really relate how things should go on.

I am grateful that I have been blessed with a mother like you.

Love you to the moon and back, Happy Birthday !!

Thank you

Your daughter.

If you are a woman yourself, celebrate with your mothers and sisters on this auspicious Women’s day by taking the choices and decisions you are faced with upon yourself.

For all the men and children who want to share and celebrate this day too, some advice is to honor and respect the women in your lives, You should value their minds/thinking, capabilities, and talents, they are our mothers, sisters, wife, daughters and we are all people first and must conduct ourselves and treat each other as good as we can.

For me celebrating Women’s Day this year would be talking with other women, sharing and learning from their experiences, especially those who are older or those who belong to a different cultural background than me. This will help me in understand different cultures.

The movement to empower every woman to help in makes their own decisions regarding all aspects of their lives, they can choose whom and when to marry, when to have sex, when to have a baby, want to work or not.

This is her decision and all I can say is Respect the Decision!!!

All the world celebrated the International Women’s Day, we the bunch of bloggers have come together with Neha from, Deepali and Anubhuti from to rejoice this spirit of womanhood. I would like to thank Priyanka from to introduce me.

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