Being A Mother

In a world that focuses so much on material possessions us as women have become confused about what is right for us including our career, marriage, family etc. But what the most important is “Being a Mother”. Having children is the most important job you will ever have and we should never take it for granted..

Being a Mother changes the lives of women in so many ways. No mothers are the same. Each of them has her own way of taking care and raising their children. They use different parenting styles, strategies, and techniques.

By the time I got pregnant, it was not at all planned. At first I wasn’t that excited when I missed my period. My husband and I have so many doubts that should we go for it or we postpone our decision. Every friend of mine I talked about suggest me to move further with this good news, because aborting a month and a half baby was really not a good idea and it might lead to any complication in future, So we both agreed on the decision that yes we will raise it as now I have a bun in my oven.

The nine-month period was not that easy. I was working with a MNC. The most crucial part was during my first trimester. As I’ve been through that what they medically referred to nauseaIt was really so hard for me to have morning sickness, day sickness or even the night sickness and being a working woman it was terrible. Good thing my OB-Gyne advised me to take supplements to help me all the way. The second trimester was a lot better. With regular checkups and meetings with doctors, I was able to cope up with all those pain and difficulties.

With the last months of my pregnancy I gained so much of weight that everyone thinks I might have twins in my tummy. So I stopped taking my vitamins and other supplements.  In the last month I took my maternity leaves and come to my mommy’s place where I have to become a mommy too. We all were waiting for baby to come out but the baby was not into the mood of coming to this new world.

I passed my due date, and now I was a bit worried too. So we went to the doctor and he said we will wait for another week. But I was not in a mood that time. Was thinking if I could myself make the baby out will be a reduction for me. He was also hoping for me to have natural pain. No one should go opposite to doctorSo I had to wait for another week. But the days were becoming so hard for me.

The week pass off and no sign of any kind of pain. So now the doctor decided for the artificial pain. And after be in pain for 11 hours I had a new life in my arms. It was a little baby girl and she was so pure and beautiful.

The joy of being a mother is indeed immeasurable, incomparable and a real fulfillment. The experience was priceless and now I am a Mother to a baby.

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