About Us

Hello Everyone,

I’m Upasana Goswami Sharma, the writer, author and mom blogger behind this blog. My goal is to share parenting stories and daily lifestyle journey through. So come take a sneak peek and I am sure they will amuse you. It has not been easy balancing writing and parenting, yet I’ve learned on the job as most of us mothers do.

I have a beautiful daughter whom we call “Maithili”. She is a complete little packet of cuteness and all my story behind writing is inspired by her.

I am not a professional or expert at writing, but I am sure you will not be bored after reading the lifestyle content on food, health, travel or many more. I write about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and my mommy life and share my personal experiences being a mommy.

This is exactly my blog MOMANDMAITHILI is all about. Do check my write-ups and show some love if you like that.

Till then Take Care and Stay Connected!!

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