7 Ways To Keep Your Child Teeth Safe

There is nothing more contagious than the Laughter of your children; it doesn’t even have to matter what they are laughing about.

When kids laugh they spread happiness everywhere.

For me smile is the most precious thing in this world. So the smallest human’s smile/laughter need more attention. We need to take care of things which we don’t want to hurt our kids in future.

Teeth are the base of smile.  And to secure your little ones smile we have to take care of their teeth too.

It sounds like a very normal topic but it is very intense, because these little monkeys will never listen to therir parents and will never do what they are asked to do.

Tooth decay is very normal in toddlers these days, even my own daughter is suffering from that. You know excess of anything is not good. Whether it’s breastmilk. We need to be carefully about what we have in our hands.

Maithili was a kid who “only breastfeed” till 18-19 months. So because of breastmilk her tooth started decaying. She had breastmilk in her breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner etc. I tried to feed her other things too like rice, roti, porridge, puree. But she didn’t eat any of them.

One day someone gave her chocolate and chips and then she has her comfort food with her and that is what she look every where.

So i must say it is very important to look after their dental hygine which can be because of many reason. It is important to maintain their oral hygine from the first day they show their tooth.

✅ Very first thing make them brush their teeth with soft bristle brush. Try to use bushes with their own hands. Try to make them brush when you does. So looking to you they might learn it.

✅ Their are very different flavoured tooth paste available in market so try to start with their fav. flavour. They will like it. Do check the ingredients before giving them.

✅ Wash and rinse their mouth and teeth after every meal. Every time means every time they eat anything.

✅ Make their sweets eating habbit a little less. Chocolates and chips are their best friend.

✅ Give them raw vegetables to eat which helps in their stronger jaws and teeth. Try to give them tomato after every meal. It will help to clean and strong their teeth.

✅ If your kid fall asleep while drinking breastmilk, clean their teeth with a wet muslin cloth.

✅ Go for regular dental checkups. It is very necessary.

Prevention is better than cure. And we as mothers can not see our child suffering. So it is better to start cleaning their teeth from the first day they shows theething symotsym.

TryTto make it fun while they can also play with brushes.

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