5 Tips To Increase Your Child’s Appetite

These all-new generations are all alike. I can say 90% of Kids these days are fussy eaters. And it’s a totally the hardest job in the world to make them eat healthy food. During this phase of growth and development, it is a must that they intake all the nutrients that their body require. After having a toddler at my place it is like a world war for me to feed her proper nutrients in a proper amount.

Kids these days are busy in learning new things, new activities and games so they always skip their meals or they have very less appetite. This is the question which has been bothering every mother. So for all moms (including me) let’s try to pick some tricks and tips and increase your child’s appetite and help them eat good and better.

  1. Never Skip Breakfast: Breakfast is a must diet of your whole day. Not only for adults for kids too. Because we all know “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Breakfast sets the tone for rest of the day. Eating a good and healthy breakfast kick starts their metabolism and is bound to increase their appetite. Having breakfast on time and having a good breakfast will also help those who want to lose weight.


  1. Keep Eye on Iron/Zinc Level: Main reason for low appetite is low iron/zinc level in the body. The report says that 30% of tending to become anemic before the age of 2. We need to include iron/zinc rich full diet like Spinach, eggs, lentils; pumpkin seeds, nuts, spinach, beans and mushrooms in their diet for iron and zinc intake and making them eat. A mild deficiency of zinc can also cause loss of appetite, weight loss, and diarrhea and also increases vulnerability to infections.


  1. Water Intake: Start your or your kid’s day with an intake of water. Kids should intake water before they have their meals, also when they have their milk. Drinking water before meals activates the digestive juices and enzymes which helps in increasing appetite and also boosts digestion. These basics really help.


  1. Let them eat every two hours: Kids needs most of the energy these days. They need the energy to study, play around and have fun through the day. For these fussy eaters, we need to make sure they have their nutrients intake in a small portion or within every two hours. They might not eat their full three-time meal so to compliment that loss we need to make them eat in small proportions.


  1. Help food looks Yummy: kids these will be happy to eat fast food rather than a normal meal. They will prefer Pizza over Roti or they will choose Pasta over Dal-Rice. So this is the time for us mothers to be a little creative and make dishes which are full of nutrients but looks yummy. For more ideas about this, you click here.


We need to stick to the basic and these tricks and tips will for sure help in gradually increasing your kid’s appetite. We mothers are always looking for the best for our babies and will do whatever it needs.

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