5 Things Google Announced For India 2023


Teams in India and around the world have continued to focus on building a more useful and inclusive internet experience for everyone. At our 9th annual Google event for India in New Delhi, we shared how we’re working to meet the diversity of the country’s local languages, build tools to deliver better experiences between merchants and shoppers, and utilize the immense power of India’s home-grown Digital Public infrastructure. This will help to realize the dream of “Digital India.”

Here are 5 best things that we announced at this year’s Google for India:

Manufacturing Pixel smartphones in India

Since we are launching our first Pixel phones in India, we’ve seen encouraging responses.  We have announced our plan to start manufacturing Pixel smartphones in India in an effort to make them more widely available across the country. At Google for India this year, we also intend to start with the Pixel 8, and will also partner with international and domestic manufacturers to produce Pixel smartphones locally. We are expecting to roll out in 2024, joining India’s momentous “Make in India” initiative.

Making our Products Even Better Through AI and local partnerships

We will soon start surfacing AI-powered overviews for over 100 pivotal government programs around employment, casing, healthcare, husbandry, women’s wear, and more. We’ll also roll out Hunt features to help small businesses show up more in Hunt results with a more visual, applicable, and fluently- filterable product feed. And with the power of generative AI, they’ll be able to fluently produce high-quality canons of their products to deliver richer shopping gests.

Expanding the Reach of Formal Credit in India

India’s Unified Payment Interface(UPI) has been a game changer for Indian frugality. moment, alongside our fiscal ecosystem mates, we blazoned that Google Pay druggies will now be suitable to fluently find and make payments for pre-approved credit lines from banks. erected on a foundation of concurrence and sequestration safeguards, we hope this will enable millions of underserved but eligible Indians across India to now access formal credit.

Using Our Cloud Structure for Citizen

Expanding the benefits of technology to people and small businesses across India, Google Cloud blazoned a range of collaborations with several of the country’s crucial associations. Google Cloud and Axis My India — one of the country’s commanding media companies — blazoned the launch of an inclusive and multilingual super-app called “a.” Its purpose is to grow people’s mindfulness and access to government social weal programs, introductory day- to- day amenities, employment openings and healthcare benefits. This app will use Google Cloud’s structure to help bring access to Indians across the country, whether they live in pastoral or civic areas. We also blazoned expanded cooperation with the Open Network for Digital Commerce(ONDC) to help Farmer Patron Associations more efficiently and fluently vend their yield online, and a collaboration with the transnational arm of the Public Payments Corporation of India( NPCI) to introduce real-time payment systems via UPI for easier overseas payments.

Strengthening the Safety of the Indian Internet

icing digital safety is pivotal for both individualities and society as a whole. For people to confidently use the internet in all aspects of their lives, it’s vital to develop and apply safeguards to protect people from swindles, malware, and online fraud. the moment we blazoned our DigiKavach action, our cooperative trouble to work with assiduity mates and married experts to partake in perceptivity and combat online fiscal fraud. The program aims to study how scammers operate and work in tandem to develop and apply countermeasures to new arising swindles inclusively creating a safer and more secure digital ecosystem.

To learn more, take a look at the Google India blog or click here.


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